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You would think that having a blog that is all about my life and my adventures would mean that it is fairly easy for me to talk about myself. Why is it so hard to put together an all inclusive "about me" page? It's intimidating.

I could tell you all about my childhood growing up in Minnesota and meeting the love of my life and getting married. I could explain that so much of who I am comes from the wonderful family and friends in the Midwest.

I could tell you that we made the crazy decision to pack up our entire lives in one of those pod things and move to New Jersey. I could tell you that I'm completely different from every other midwest girl that moves to the big city (although that's not really true.) I could go on for many paragraphs about my love for New York City and the entire east coast.

I could tell you embarrassing stories to help you understand why my blog is titled Insert Classy Here. I could share with you all the lists that I've created about myself and hope you wouldn't think I'm a complete crazy person. I could recommend some places and things to you and hope that you would try them and love them because I love sharing things with people.

Instead of doing all of those things, I'm going to keep brainstorming the perfect about me page. But really, I'll probably eat some pizza and drink a beer or two. Check back in a decade or so when I have something really amazing that other people feature all the time. And in the meantime, follow along.

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  1. Yeah girl, Midwest represent! (I'm your Wisconsin neighbor, we can still be friends :)


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