May 2, 2018


May is always one of my favorite months. It's my birthday month as well as the birthday month of my husband and so many of my best friends. Between the celebrations is the sunshine that we have barely seen for six months. As I'm writing this, the warm breeze is coming in the window and it feels amazing. Here's a rundown of other things currently happening...

Reading Sapiens. This book is really interesting and I put it down while reading some other library books, but I have some time to continue on now and I'm pretty excited about it. But I also know that I have a couple of library holds coming in soon that I'm super pumped about, so who knows if I'll finish it in May.

Missing New York. It's Springtime. I see the pictures of Central Park and it has me just missing everything about spring in New York City.

Excited that the bikes are pulled back out of the garage. We had a long bike ride on Sunday and I'm hoping to take it to work on Friday. It's also National Bike Riding Month. It's one of my favorite things about moving back to Minneapolis because it is so bike friendly.

Smelling this candle and it smells clean and like spring. I'm in love. Plus, it's made by a small local company full of book lovers and I don't mind supporting that.

Using this new Countermatch body lotion. Now that my skin is getting fresh air again, I'm back to the constant sunscreen and lotion. Also, I found this Magnesium Oil and this Magnesium Powder and I'm attempting to make this a habit... because it's good for me, right?

Watching the Real Housewives of New York. I think they will always be my favorite. Plus, LuAnn was arrested during this season and she's all of a sudden back on top. Plus, I love Dorinda. The interviews this season are just hilarious and I can't get enough of this trashy TV.

Loving our front porch. It's funny because I wrote the same thing last year here about our balcony. I don't need much, but a small front porch does wonders for my happiness.

Eating all the food in the pantry. I like cleaning everything out as often as possible and the fridge and pantry are not safe. I want room for farmer's market goodies soon. I'm so freaking excited that it's spring time... FINALLY.

So, happy May. Enjoy the longer days and happier people all around because the winter (hopefully) is behind us for a few months.


  1. Happy birthday month and bike riding month and farmers markets are coming month and front porch month.


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