April 4, 2018


Back from a mountain weekend, I wish I could say I'm feeling relaxed, but I had 400 emails waiting for me when I returned and it felt like a punch in the face. Aside from being the queen of negativity, here are the other things happening now...

Watching Friends From College and Blacklist on Netflix. We like to have a funny show and then something more intense so we can switch back and forth. Also, I finally watched the Greatest Showman and I think everyone should see that movie. The soundtrack has been on my favorites list for the last few weeks.

Practicing my Spanish with Duolingo. This app is amazing. It's free and gives you 10 minutes (time is flexible) each day to practice a new language. It's super easy to use and FREE. There are a few people from work all on board and it's fun to have people to practice with.

Listening to Ruins by First Aid Kit. I saw them live a few months ago and I just love everything song on this album. Two badass women with amazing voices. Done.

Using the new Make Up Wipes from Beautycounter. I've been on the hunt for wipes that are biodegradable because I hate throwing things away, but I love the ease of a wipe. These fit the bill.

Feeling incredibly sore from our Montana weekend. We had multiple days of skiing, plus hiking and sledding. I might have bruised a rib.

Smelling wildflowers. I'm trying to will Spring to come by lighting floral scented candles, meanwhile there is lots of snow covering the ground and more in our forecast. I'm so excited for winter to be over.

Excited for the next two weekends. This one has zero plans so my plan is to cross everything off this list. It's all about a little peace, quiet and restoration. The weekend after that is a girl's weekend in Austin, Texas and I can't wait. At least I know I'll have a little warm weather.

Figuring out how to get rid of the "no longer a New Yorker" weight. It's a thing. We no longer walk everywhere and it's killing me. I want to feel healthy AND comfortable in my pants. But the truth is, I don't want to change anything I'm eating. I guess that means I need to exercise more.

Reading this book for book club. I'm pretty excited about it.

What are you up to?


  1. i woke up to snow this morning. cool, mother nature. but that's nothign to what the peeps in NY are experiencing so I'll stop complaining now.

  2. Ugh, coming back from vacation to a ton of work sucks. hope this weekend is refreshing for you!

  3. Yes girl about the emails! I love a good vacation but tackling the inbox after is SO hard! hahaha.

  4. I am so much more fit/less fat when I walk or bike everywhere at the shore on the weekends.

    I am using flannel pieces as reusable face wipes/cotton balls. I feel better about it.

  5. I read that book cover to cover on my last plane ride! Loved it!!


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