April 8, 2018

8 Ways to Deal with Endless Winter

It's Sunday evening and it's snowing again. I'm so over it, but I was super determined to enjoy this weekend. How did I do it?

Friday Celebration. We forced ourselves to celebrate a week gone well instead of rushing home and putting on my pj's. We tried two new places. The Hasty Tasty was dinner and we ate the best salad ever and some amazing corn bread. We followed it up with a flight at the Lyn-Lake Brewery which is a really cool spot.

Work. I know this seems like the opposite of enjoying a weekend, but having a quiet couple hours to catch up on some things I was behind on was kind of awesome. I did it in my pajamas with a mug of coffee.

Comfort Food. This might be the issue of that whole gaining weight thing since we moved home, but when it's freezing cold outside - it just seems right. We went to the Food Truck Park in Saint Paul and got a fancy grilled cheese and some pizza.

Read. Always a good idea. Always.

Cheer for Something. We watched my college win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP on Saturday night in hockey. Go bulldogs! It was such a good game and I loved being able to watch them. It always helps when you can catch up with a favorite friend and cuddle puppies.

Get Outside. Grrrrr. I didn't want to because it's cold, but our friends and their little guy came over and we strolled with coffees and got some fresh air. Good conversation really helps pass the time quickly and after a lifetime of dealing with winter, I'm pretty good at dressing for the temps.

Skin Stuff. I love a good mask. It's either this detoxing one or one of these 13 Korean sheet masks. Then I used half of a tub of this body butter and felt like a new person. I gave myself a foot rub and it felt wonderful.

Put on a Onesie and Watch Parks & Rec. Yep, it's specific, but it happened today and I'm now a big fan. I bought a Chewbacca onesie for my nephew's birthday party (costumes required) and then I shoved it in the top of our closet. As we are continuing spring cleaning, I got a glimpse of it and today I put it on for the entire afternoon. I feel like a giant warm teddy bear. If you watched my Instagram stories - @insertclassyhere - you have seen it.

I am geared up and ready for another week. Groceries are stocked, laundry is half done and I feel like I've come back around. I'm ready for another week... I think. Hope you aren't suffering the Sunday Scaries.

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  1. seriously, winter can go now. saturday was fun - snowy and windy one minute, sunny and warm the next.


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