March 5, 2018

Well Spent Weekend

A weekend well spent brings a week of content. I'm really testing that theory this week. We had our first weekend at home in a while. No bags to unpack and repack (at least for me.) Writing on this space is the only thing I had not yet accomplished this weekend, so here I am to just write random thoughts about this weekend.

We saw The Wiz on Friday night with one of our nieces. It was her Christmas gift. It was so awesome. It was even better that Justin and my niece had never seen the movie, so they had no idea what to expect. If you are in the Twin Cities area, the show has been extended through mid March and you should get tickets.

Saturday morning, I finished a library book and we started planning our 10 year anniversary trip. We caught up on laundry, drank a pot of coffee and put together a full spring cleaning checklist - who doesn't love a good checklist?

I had my first Benihana experience this weekend as well. I figured it was just a steakhouse, but I was so wrong. I had a Tofu steak that was incredible, plus as much shrimp and rice as my stomach would allow. After dinner, we had reservations at the Escape Room at the Mall of America. It was so much fun. We all kind of thought it would be cheesy, but fun. It was so much better than expected.

My Sunday was spent running errands, tried a new brunch song, finishing another book and watching Coco. We just weren't too interested in the Oscars. I loved Coco and would definitely recommend it.

I am currently hosting a facebook social to celebrate the 5 years that Beautycounter has been in business and the awesome work they are doing right now in Washington DC. In honor of that, I'm going to do something special on the blog. Anyone that puts in an order before March 15 will be entered to win the special limited edition Beautycounter Red Lipstick. Use this link to shop and look for more updates in the next two weeks. 

Last, but not least, a giant blizzard/winter storm is heading our way today. Schools were all cancelled last night. There is not a flake on the ground as of 9 AM, but I'm sure I'll be having myself a shoveling workout tonight. Wish me luck.


  1. I hope there's no snow. We supposedly have two storms headed our way this week.

    I miss well spent weekends! Looking forward to one this weekend.

  2. benihana! my first experience there was in Florida and the chef was so nice. he even make Kayla a special flower out of rice and let her crack eggs in it etc.

  3. I'm glad it sounds like you had a great weekend before all the snow hit. I still haven't been to Benihana - in the Twin Cities it just never seems to come to mind when I'm trying to think of a place to go.


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