March 20, 2018

Spring Goals

I'm really crossing my fingers for a real spring this year in Minnesota, but I know that my chances are slim. I saw this on FB today and just nodded my head:

So knowing that there's a possibility of good weather around the corner, I'm ready to put together a wish list of things I want us to do this spring.

Hit the slopes one more time or two more. We have a weekend planned in Montana to round up the year and I'm so excited to be in the mountains again and get some quality friend time in.

Finish the second half of Spring Cleaning. We have purged and scrubbed the living room, dining room and kitchen. I have a giant pile of donations and we just sold a full couch today. Getting rid of things might be the greatest feeling. Now if only getting rid of winter weight was this easy.

Exercise. You know, dealing with the winter weight. Making the transition from NYC to a city where you have to drive has done a number on us. This winter has been hard for all kinds of reasons, but we are ready to get back on the bikes, do yoga and get out and walk more. 

Get to Okoboji. Justin's family is from this magical little lake town in Iowa (trust me, it's real.) We spent a night there around New Years, but I'm ready to see the lake again and visit the Barefoot Bar.

Catch up on our videos. I have all the clips ready to go, but I need to organize them. It goes all the way back to Europe (which was 9 months ago.)

Post more meatless meals. We have been discovering some of the best recipes ever lately and it's stuff that is easy to make or makes great leftovers. I want to share some of our successes with those of you that have been wanting to eat less meat. I started sharing food on my Instagram stories so I can see which meals people are interested in. Tonight, I ate a bag of mango dummies from Trader Joe's... maybe that's why I have gained weight.

Spend a little time at home. Because it's a good time for that... everything will be clean.

What are your goals this Spring?


  1. first day of spring and it's a balmy -6. yay (insert sarcasm here). i can't wait for the warmer temps!

  2. It's snowing here today. I can't face spring talk yet. LOL

  3. UGH I AM SO SICK OF WINTER. Meatless recipes, please! (from an openminded meat eater)


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