March 1, 2018


Spring is coming. I'm determined to make it happen. After spending a week in Atlanta and Florida, I'm feeling all the warmer weather vibes. It's kind of funny actually because we have a ski trip at the end of the month. I also know that I'm living in a bit of a fantasy world thinking that Minnesota will have an early spring, but it's in the 40's this week and I'm embracing it. Here is a quick catch up on life.

Excited because I'm GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN and I can finally talk about it. My little brother and my sissy are having a baby this year!!! They shared this photo on Instagram and even though I already knew, my heart exploded into a million pieces. I have 4 nieces and 1 nephew already, but they are all on Justin's side. This little baby will be all mine because my family is smaller and I can't wait.

On top of that, our best friends are having twins within the next month and pretty everyone else is pregnant or with little babies.

Reading lots of things at the same time. Does that happen to anyone else? I have our bookclub book, two library books and then like four others that I haven't finished... some are short stories or essays. I feel like it's a little out of control and one of my goals for March is to finish a bunch of books.

Missing Palm Trees. I could never live at the beach forever, but it is really nice getting out of the cold for a little bit. I love sitting in a hammock and seeing the outlines of palm trees in the sky.

Starting spring cleaning. I love all new beginnings. Spring is the best time to clean everything. We sat down and made a list of everything that we wanted to sort through and clean. For the first time ever, we've added a tech clean to the list. I don't know where to start, but I know that we need to organize photos and catch up on videos.

Enjoying time at home. I haven't shown up here much this year so far. We have been traveling 6 weeks so far this year. It's been a lot. Work travel means really long days and I'm just so excited about being at home with Lola in my pajamas cooking normal meals with my husband and walking around in our lovely little neighborhood.

Worried about being good at relationships. For years, it has just been my husband and the dogs and a few close friends within one thousand miles. Now that we are back in Minnesota (well, sometimes), I'm feeling a little crappy about how much time I'm able to spend with people. I haven't seen my mom in weeks, I haven't met new babies and seen some of my favorite people. I'm hoping warmer weather will make it easier for everyone to play outside and get together.

Eating this amazing pasta salad recipe. This has been our lunch this week and we are obsessed. I'm going to share more of what we've been eating lately because skipping meat is easy and awesome and I think people are surprised by the variety of food that we eat.

Needing a large quantity of these for springtime. And maybe this too.

What are your spring cleaning tricks? Are you sick of winter? Tell me all the tricks.


  1. I'm definitely ready for some warmer weather - nothing too outrageous but it would be nice to go outside and not freeze! Congrats on having a little one on your side of the family coming! I have two nieces and a nephew, and I love it!!

    I'm almost always reading multiple books at once. It's usually about three at a time.


  2. aw congrats on being an aunt on your side! that's super exciting. i can't wait for my brother in law and his fiancee to have kids.. they will be my only shot at being a proper aunt! ugh i really need to add tech clean to my spring cleaning list too. definitely photos. i feel like i've tidied them before only for them to be out of control like a month later.

  3. That pasta salad looks awesome!

    I'm bad at seeing people in person the older I get.

    Congrats auntie! I know what you mean when your nieces and nephews are from the other side. It is different and awesome to have them come to yours!

  4. I'm so ready for Spring too. Today we are having a Noreaster. It's mostly rain so far. I miss palm trees too. I haven't been around them since 2013. Someday I want to live near palm trees & have 1 in my yard.

  5. i am so ready for spring. last week we had fantastic weather and it's continuing this weekend

  6. How exciting!! Being an aunt is so much, especially early on when they still love you lots haha.

  7. I am reading/trying to finish about 6 books right now, and have like 10 books on hold at the library, which will probably all be ready at once. Oh well, there are worse problems to have! Also that Capri Blue candle is my all time favorite!


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