March 19, 2018

Cozy, Hygge, Whatever You Want to Call It

When you are sick of winter, it just keeps coming. We finally had some 50 degree temps in Minnesota this weekend, but I see snow on the weather app in our future. I know that everyone says this, but I am just so over it.

I wrote my Winter Goals and included quite a few that involved getting outside. We did a pretty good job. We went to the Ice Castles in Stillwater, enjoyed the Super Bowl festivities and escaped Minnesota a few times. Even with the effort, I'm so ready for it to be over.

Working through all the daylight hours, weeks of single digit temps, so much shoveling. I love snow, but if I'm not close to a mountain, it's a lot less exciting.

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring, but I think we will be having winter for at least a few more weeks, so I'm shopping online to get some more cozy clothing and try to just accept the fact that I will be inside for a while longer. I'm going to keep fighting to find the ultimate cozy hygge in these parts. Here are a few things that I'm obsessing over currently.

In other news, I celebrated St. Patrick's Day by trying a Black Velvet which is Guinness and Champagne. I usually don't love Guinness, but this drink was delightful. We also finished spring cleaning in our living room and decided to remove one of our couches and our whole house feels happier. 

Hope you had a great weekend and feel the end of winter coming.


  1. I have lots of family up in Minnesota and I've been seeing their posts lately and I'm glad I live a little further south! Ready for spring. I'm very intrigued by the Black Velvet drink I'll have to give that a try sometime.

  2. is that a pizza sweater? (link wouldn't load properly). because if that is, i need that!


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