February 8, 2018

#trendingontwitter: Snow Storms & Other Storms

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I love covering recent things happening on twitter on the blog. There's been a lot to choose from lately... so I just picked the last few days.

#superbowl52 - I watched it. I didn't care who won. I'm happy it was a closer game. Will Tom Brady retire? I watched Gisele slam that glass of wine, so I think it's coming. Congrats to the Eagles - I still think your fans were kind of assholes, but it's cool seeing the underdog win.

#manofthewoods - This is the name of Justin Timberlake's outfit from the Super Bowl. It's also the name of his new album, but more fitting for his outfit. I loved his halftime show. I loved the Prince symbol from the sky. I have no complaints. I'll probably buy tickets to his tour.

#theboldnorth - Minnesota rolled out the purple carpet for the Super Bowl visitors and it was a really awesome week to live in the Twin Cities. We made it downtown on one of the warmer nights to check everything out. So many volunteers made the whole experience awesome - they were happy, helpful and so friendly. I saw so many tweets about how welcoming everyone was in the cities. That whole Minnesota Nice idea isn't made up.

#stormi- I guess there's a new Kardashian baby named after the porn star that our president cheated on his wife with? Did I get that right? Don't really care.

#DowJones - My 401k got its ass kicked this week. I'm sure Trump will blame Obama for that. Listening to all the newscaster make predictions about what will happen is also interesting. We've had two of the biggest drops in history this week.

#olympics - I'm watching mogul skiing and figure skating while writing this. I always forget how much I love watching the Olympics. I don't think about it much until it's on and then I can't turn the channel. I barely remember the athletes names I cheered for the next day, but I find myself crying when they win. I love watching people achieve their life goals. I cry every time I watch people run marathons. I'm pretty excited about the next two weeks.

#winterstormmateo - We are in Wisconsin for work this week and next. Apparently, the snow follows us because we are under a winter storm warning tonight. That snow is of course completely missing Minnesota, but we will be dealing with it all weekend. RUDE.

#ladydoritos - I'm so annoyed that this was even a topic. I will make sure that I chew my cooler ranch Doritos with my mouth open while I spit crumbs all over people from now on... but really, I'll probably just stop buying Doritos because I'm annoyed and switch to Sun Chips.

What have you been rolling your eyes at lately? Please share. There's plenty out there.


  1. I'm so proud of all the competitors at the Olympics; as I was watching the skiing/moguls, I kept thinking: OMG look at all the impact on their knees! #oldpeoplethoughts

  2. I have massive rage over the Lady Doritos topic. STFU, everyone.

    Pumped for the Olympics!


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