February 12, 2018

Milwaukee Weekend

We are in the middle of our second long work trip of the year so far. Instead of driving 5 hours back to Minneapolis and then doing the same drive back less than 48 hours later, we just stayed in the Milwaukee area this weekend. The photo above is the view from our rental place, so it was pretty easy to make the decision to hang here.

We got some recommendations from friends and spent Saturday exploring. We went to the Art Museum, had brunch in the third ward and then treated ourselves to a brewery tour.

The art museum is a building we've both always wanted to go inside of. We cruised through in a few hours spending extra time in the photography section because they had a really cool collection of American road trip photographers.

Because Wisconsin is the land of cheese (and beers), we took a suggestion from a friend and booked the reserve tour at Sprecher's brewery. This includes a tour and a special tasting where you get to sample 10 beers and each one is paired with a cheese. It was my own personal heaven.

Sunday was our day of relaxation. We woke up to more snow, so I read, stayed in our pajamas until the afternoon and made a tater tot hot dish (aka totdish.) We have a super busy week ahead of us with lots of training, so it was really nice to have a quiet day.

Milwaukee is a pretty cool city - even in the winter. Although I don't think I'll be returning by choice until it's warmer out and I can actually enjoy the lakefront. Have you been to Milwaukee?


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! We did a Milwaukee weekend a couple years ago on the coldest weekend of the year. Definitely would love to get back there. Sprecher's brewery sounds like something my husband would love.

  2. OMG that looks like SO MUCH SNOW!!

  3. Yay totdish!

    I would've stuck around too. I'm glad you got out and about Saturday and restored yourselves Sunday.


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