February 3, 2018


The first and longest month of the year is over. The days are getting longer and that makes everything seem a little better. The month ahead of us is insane. I will only be in my own bed about six nights. There are some work things and then a super wonderful wedding in warm, sunny Florida. 

Reading Little House on the Prairie. My niece loves reading and I've been trying to read some of the same books as her so we can chat about it. I also just finally picked up What Happened from the library and I'm bringing it with me on my work trip.

Watching the Oscar nominations that I'm actually interested in. This week, we went and saw I, Tonya in the theater and loved it. We also watched Get Out the other night. It was freaky, but not too scary for me to still enjoy. We are also still hooked on How to Get Away with Murder. We are almost done with season 2.

Eating Cauliflower. I've also been laughing at all the memes making fun of this lately. Seriously, as a vegetarian, this veggie can do all kinds of things. We made cauliflower steaks this week and I rolled my eyes thinking that this meal would be kind of lame, but then I was again surprised. This week, I'm going to try a Cauliflower po boy.

Loving all the Minnesota all over the place this week. We got out and did all the fun stuff this week downtown. It's also been hilarious watching the celebrity sightings on twitter. The weather has been cold. Welcome to the bold north. I'm not super interested in either team this year, but I'm pretty excited about the half time show and the commercials.

Hoping that our household can stay healthy all month. We survived the flu at the beginning of January and Justin had a fever again last night, but woke up feeling back to normal this AM. We've remained quarantined to make sure nothing spreads to anyone else, but I'm just hoping that karma will help us get through Feb feeling healthy.

Listening to First Aid Kit's album, Ruins. I just saw them live Tuesday night and it was wonderful. Also, I'm enjoying JT's new album so much better than the first couple songs released. I think the rest of it is so much better.

Grateful for our far away friends that came to visit last weekend. We had a blast having people in town and using the guest room. Plus, the weather for them was so warm for MN in January. We are counting down the days until we are reunited with another east coast couple for their WEDDING!!!!

Reminding you that the skin regimens from Beautycounter are on sale until Feb. 7. Countermatch for a discount? Yes please. Shop here to get yours.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful winter weekend.

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