January 1, 2018


Happy New Year! It's a clean slate. There's a new digit at the end of the dates you write (which you'll forget until February) and the gyms will be jam packed for the next two weeks. I love a beginning. I love the changing of the seasons, the flipping of the calendar page and a brand new year to work with.

The best decision we've made in our adult life is spending every New Year's weekend in the mountains. The last few years, we were in the Catskills, but this year, we are out west. You can follow along on Insta if you want more mountain photos... or beer photos. 

Here are some other updates on what's happening currently:

Reading Daring Greatly finally. It's my first Brene Brown experience so I'm excited but also have pretty high hopes. Plus, I'm finishing up Beartown. I didn't meet my 40 book goal last year, but got pretty close and definitely had a record year for me (since I starting counting on Goodreads.) I'm going to challenge myself again this year to get 40 books and see if I can make it happen.

Watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Video. I seen a few people talk about it and now that my apple tv can get Amazon, I'm diving in. It's about a woman in the 50's in NYC that does stand up. I'm only one episode in, but I'm excited about it.

Enjoying fresh mountain air, time away from a computer screen (I'm writing this early) and a reunion with a few of our favorite people.

Excited about skiing in the Rockies again. It's been a few years of only east coast mountains for us, so we are PUMPED about our plans for this winter/spring out west. Also, we are pretty pumped about the Superbowl coming up in Minneapolis, the Winter Carnival and the fact that we have our first weekend visitors at the end of the month.

Prepping for a work trip in January to Madison. Anyone have any recommendations for Madison for the winter? We want to get out and explore the city while we are there and try to enjoy our time even if it will be a crazy work trip.

Deciding on my new year's resolutions. Should I pick one word this year? My planner tells me to. I'm just going to take the first week of the year to make my plan. I like having something, but I just don't have an idea yet.

Using this magical stuff on my face and this stuff for my arms & legs. I'll be packaging up some samples if you're interested to try it, I'm mailing stuff as soon as I get back. Try it out. Safer products that work really well - how can you go wrong?

Grateful for the gifts we received this holiday season. We got an awesome new cookbook to use our grill for vegetarian stuff, the materials to make Vanilla Extract, new pajamas and some new cozy sweaters. Plus, we ate some of the best comfort food. Now I just need to figure out how to ween myself off of a sugar and bread diet.

Tell me, what are you doing for a New Year's resolution this year? I wish there were still link ups for this stuff so I could read other people's ideas. Hope you're spending the week doing a little mental refresh because it's a new year and you decide how it goes. 


  1. I'm still getting my poop in a pile.

    Happy New Year!

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