January 31, 2018

Continued Work

My word of the year was balance, but with that comes healthy stuff to balance out the fun stuff. I've made a few discoveries already this year (some I've known about but finally dove in) and I wanted to share them.

Citrus. It's the time of year for all the citrus. With everyone hacking and bringing their germs all over the office and all the public areas, I have been making sure that we are receiving extra doses of this immunity booster. Mango + Papaya smoothies, Cuties as snacks non stops and

Magnesium. They say this helps with cramps, but I haven't been taking it regularly enough to see an improvement there. However, I will say that my sleep is so much better when I'm taking this as a supplement. I just have this powder that I mix in to a glass of water in the evening and it doesn't taste horrible.

Weekday Weekend challenge. I got this cookbook during the holidays because we cook recipes from their blog all the time. We have been trying to stick to a pretty strict regimen during the week because we are home many nights and can pack lunches for work and plan in advance. It makes it more fun to treat ourselves on the weekends.

ACV every damn day. We mix it in water in the morning, sometimes with honey. There are one million articles about all the things it can help you with so we figured we would check it out in our household. At first, we hated the taste, but it really grows on you and now I enjoy it.

30 days of yoga. I don't do all 30 in a row, but I'm working my way through this playlist. I just saw one of my favorite internet friends is also doing the same ones. You should join to.

#100HappyDays. This book was a gift and it's the perfect gift. It gives you 100 different things to try to up your happiness score. We are a few days in and we've already had some fun adventures.

Upgrading my skin care and being diligent. I'm adding in the Rejuvenating regimen more this year to help with aging and I'm being as strict as I can with myself as far as routine. Side note - Beautycounter wants you to have good skin too so they decided to have a sale.

Skin care regimens ON SALE through tomorrow, Feb 1. Beautycounter doesn't have many sales throughout the year, but in order to help you kick off your new year's goals, they are offering a special discount on their three skin care regimens.

What other small things are you doing to keep your healthy new year's goals? I love trying different things - at least once.


  1. magnesium is one of the #1 deficiencies we have. my whole family takes it every day (including K!) and it helps SO MUCH.

    i've also been eating lots of oranges; blood orange and meposa (? i can never remember this name) are in season for us and i've been gobbling those up (sooo good).

  2. I'm on day 7 today! It's been so good!

    And I need to try magnesium. My sleep SUCKS.

  3. I love having grapefruit all the time right now.

  4. Definitely stick with the daily magnesium! It has helped a ton with my cramps. They used to be unbearable every month, now they are minor/almost nonexistent.

    I'm putting that book on my reading wishlist. Also gonna need to make a papaya mango smoothie happen soon!

  5. MAGNESIUM. Life changing. I started taking it in the spring, stopped (very typical of me) and am back on it over the past few weeks and it makes 100% difference in my sleep. I did find that I need a certain type of magnesium and that another kind makes me sick.

    I'm eating oranges like mad.


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