December 12, 2017

The Best Gift Sets

Tomorrow is the last day to get an order in to receive by Christmas with regular ground shipping with Beautycounter. It's such an easy thing to gift people because it helps introduce them to a new company that has an awesome mission and great products. They are all useful and healthy, but also feel a little fancy. Here are a few of my favorite gift sets (plus the best values):

1. The Daily Detox Set $52 - Save $20 by purchasing the charcoal bar and charcoal mask in one set. These are definitely two of the most popular items within my friend circle. It absorbs oil and unclogs pores. I love the mask because you can see it working. Plus, you save money getting this gift set - so it's a good one to buy for yourself.

2. Winter Glow Body Duo $55 - This set is a $79 value. It comes with two of my winter must haves. The sugar scrub makes your skin super soft and I keep that body butter in multiple rooms in the house so there's always one close. My skin gets so dry in the winter, but these two items (along with my favorite body oil) are super helpful.

3. Citrus Mimosa Hand Duo $39 - This set has a full size hand cream and hand wash ($56 value) and is a perfect gift for teachers, neighbors or hosts during the holiday season. 

4. Color Intense Lip Set $88 - This is the best value out there. Normally, you would pay $150 for these items because they are $30 each, so this set is a great deal and will probably sell out soon. 

I'm almost at the one year mark of working with Beautycounter. I told myself I'd give it a year and see what I thought and I love it way more now than I did in January. If you're interested in joining, there's some really awesome benefits for those that sign up by the end of the year. Let me know if you want me to email you more info or you can check it out here.

I still have a little shopping to do tonight on the website and this weekend at some holiday markets, but we are keeping it pretty simple. If you check back later this week, I'm going to do an old fashioned giveaway for some Beautycounter products - comment below if there's something you've been wanting to try and maybe I'll include that with the prize. 

Happy Shopping!

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