December 19, 2017

Milan, Italy

I just watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey episode where they go to Milan. I was super excited because I wanted to see the parts of the city we should visit next time we are there. Instead, I saw only the places we visited in the five hours we were in the city and not trying to sleep in our hotel or get from the train station to our hotel. I'm sure there's more to see.

This is the only part of the trip I would do differently. We took the train from the quiet, car-free, mountain town of Zermatt directly to Milan. We crossed through the Italian Alps, passed by Lake Maggiore and then got off the train right smack in the middle of Milan. It was hot, busy and we didn't brush up on any Italian. 

We didn't pack the right clothes, had no idea what to do or see there and our hotel was also home to a pretty popular night club. This was a recipe for anxiety on our last night. We were just pretty ready to go home. 

We did manage to get a few hours of walking there and it left me wanting to return. We got a tiny taste of Italy - some good food, a beautiful cathedral and some great history. Here are the few photos we did manage to get in Milan.

What did we miss? Have you been to Milan? Who is watching RHONJ this year?

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