December 1, 2017


Well, we made it to the last month of the year. I remember last year when everyone was so ready for 2016 to be over and then 2017 was worse, so let's stop hoping for time to go faster and work on the day that we are currently living in to make it better, K? Other than dishing out super wise life advice, here's what I'm up to currently...

Reading 6 books at the same time. It's a nightmare, but I set a goal for myself and I'm way behind. I have books from library that I'm in the middle of and need to get back. I'm still hoping I can pull this off and hit my goal for the year, but then I remember how busy the month of December is. Wish me luck.

Writing a little more now that I have a routine. I've been blogging more and spending some time planning out some things for this other little project.

Smelling all the Christmas smells. We ordered some decorations from my niece's dance fundraiser and our house smells like a Christmas tree farm. I love it because we don't actually have a tree.

Finishing our shopping. I've said recently that we don't have much to do this year, but I've challenged myself to not use Amazon or Target and find cool stuff at small shops in our neighborhood. It's a challenge that I'm having way too much fun doing.

Loving the sunrises and sunsets we've been getting the last month. As the cold sinks in, the world has ways of reminding me how awesome it is. I'm also loving the amount of sweaters I bought last month on sale.

Watching the original Star Wars trilogy again with Justin before the new movie comes out. I've seen them all before, but it's been a while so every Wednesday we have movie night and watch one. We watched Empire Strikes Back this week and I forgot how weirdly creepy Yoda was.

Excited about our first return to the Big Apple. I was going to be sad to miss out on Christmas in the city this year so we just booked flights to celebrate with some awesome people for some very special events and I'm so excited. Give me all the lights, hot chocolate and noise. I miss it.

Anticipating our busiest year ever in 2018. Our work travel schedules will be bananas, plus we are planning some fun adventures for ourselves. It will all be exciting stuff but I just need to figure out the best routines to keep some sanity through everything and enjoy it all.

Dreaming about a road trip down the Pacific Coast. Justin and I watched an episode of Million Dollar Listing and then started talking about the places he grew up in Orange County. I just don't feell like I've explored Southern CA at all. We visited when I was 18 as a mother/daughter trip and did lots of fun stuff, but I'm ready to make a return visit. 2018 is the year.

You can relive this same post from 2016201520142013 and 2012. Holy smokes I've been doing this a long time and I had way too much fun looking backwards while writing this.

Happy December friends! What are you up to?


  1. The skies at sunrise and sunset make winter easier to bear.

  2. I so know how it is to have more than one book going -- it's frustrating, but I always have something to turn to no matter what kind of mood I'm in. That sunset pic is beautiful!

  3. I was just thinking the same thing about this time last year and how everyone was so ready for the craziness of 2016 to be over. Reading multiple books at a time can be so tricky, hopefully you're enjoying all of them!

  4. Please bring some book recs to nyc because lately my reading list has been limited to emails and Instagram captions. And that’s just sad.

  5. I love all the Christmas smells and sights.

  6. yeah 2017 was super crappy. not wishing it away, but lets hope 2018 is as amazing as 2017 was stupid.
    i always forget how busy december is. like i was in the middle of an awesome book last week and KC was like we have to go to my christmas party tonight and i was like... can i bring my book? it's not like anyone is going to talk to me, it's your work party.. lol. i didn't bring my book.
    the sunsets have been amazing lately. definitely makes up for the cold.. a little bit. i'll be honest and admit i haven't seen that many sunrises lately, should start getting up earlier. we'll see.
    yoda is definitely creepy. i might try and watch the originals before the new one comes out. it's been ages.


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