December 29, 2017

A Classy Recap

Sometimes, I look at this blog and can't believe I've been doing this for as long as I have. But the truth is, I love it still. I love looking back and seeing what I was writing about last year and the year before. I've made such good friends through this internet space, gotten the best recommendations, figured out things I didn't think I'd ever learn how to do and made a few pennies.

I figured I'd give a little recap of this space as well. (Again, this might be me trying to just keep focusing on as much positive as I can.)

Top 9 from Instagram (follow me here):

Top Posts:

Our Minnesota Bucket List - I have a lot of work to do to add things and clean this up, but I'm pretty excited about making all of these happen.

Insert Hygge Here - I love this concept so much so I wanted to share it. The hashtag didn't really take off too much, but I keep using it. If you haven't figured out how to embrace this yet, get on board.

Safer Beauty Favorites - I am almost a full year into my journey of being a Beautycounter consultant and I love it. Sharing products that I love AND that are safe to use is amazing. I've learned so much about scary cosmetic and personal care stories. Please do the research for yourselves and your families.

Things I've Bought Myself - Gift guides get overwhelming during the holiday season, so this year I just shared things that I have treated myself too and would recommend for others.

Bach Bash in Asheville - This got lots of clicks this year too. It's kind of surprising because I definitely could've laid it out a little more like a guide and less like a recap, but that didn't feel right. It was such a fun weekend. 

And my top tweets (because the analytics page of Twitter is so much fun):

And then when Adrian Grenier (you know, my neighbor) saw my tweet and so did his followers

So there it is. The clear way to win Twitter is pasta, chick flicks and politics. Good thing those are a few of my favorite things.

My parting gift is this Instagram account which you should follow because here's the awesome stuff posted there (plus it's a shared account with my husband.)

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