December 27, 2017

2017 Favorites: Part 2

Last year, I picked a few photos that stood out to me as moments I wanted to remember from the year. I summarized them in this one and this one. I figured I'd do that again this year.

I marched with the people of New York that day after the inauguration. I was still in disbelief about what was going on, but that day, I shed tears. I had so many emotions. I was surrounded by so many incredible people. That's something you just can't forget, nor do you ever want to. This wasn't the first march of the year for me, but it will be the most memorable.

We got cozy as much as possible. I remember snowy days in January and February where we would put boots on the dogs, walk them through the neighborhood picking up dinner at Mekelburg's on our way home and then we'd put comfy pajamas on and curl up on the couch.

These are the snowy days in Clinton Hill I was referring to. It was just always beautiful. Even with the crazy man who liked to moon people early in the morning.

We spent a snowy weekend near Hunter with friends and it was magical. There was a hot fire, tacos, beers and fierce debates about politics (and maybe more beer.) We got our skis underneath us and enjoyed some great conditions plus we escaped the city for a few days.

There isn't one specific walk with these two, but it was every walk. We could slowly stroll blocks of brownstones, shops and parks. Quincy knew where all the good squirrel trees were. We had celebrity encounters, got to know our neighborhood dogs and spent more time outside than we had in any other place we've lived. I miss this so much.

The day the trees exploded over night was another favorite. I walked around all day with my phone out talking millions of pictures, but that first morning walk with Q was the best. The sun was coming up and you could see the flowers that appeared overnight.

The night before Andy & Meredith's wedding, we got to join their families to celebrate. They had rented a gorgeous apartment in Soho with views and lots of space to run around. There really isn't any better time to meet friends' families than a wedding weekend. We did so many champagne toasts that weekend. It was wonderful.

It was hard to pick a favorite moment from our Europe trip, but then when I really thought about it. It was this moment. We had just gotten our first glimpse of the Alps, we were standing on the side of a mountain looking at this magical castle and our trip had really only just begun. It was just pure happiness.

Stop back tomorrow to see the remainder of my favorite moments of 2017.


  1. I love this recap idea and am probably going to steal it for my blog. Thanks for all your help with that night-before-the-wedding extravaganza. I wish we could re-live that weekend!!

  2. The day the trees come alive is amazing. I'm so looking forward to that.

  3. Love Meks! Great beer selection and that Mek Muffin egg sandwich for breakfast is so good!


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