November 29, 2017

Things I've Bought Myself

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas lists for myself and I think the gift guides are pretty well covered, so I figured I'd share with you the things I've bought myself this year that were OH SO WONDERFUL. I love reading people's personal suggestions of things they love, so this is my version of a gift guide - all trialed by yours truly.

Note: there are some affiliate links in this post. The few cents I'll make if you click on them will go to buying more things and sharing them with you. #bloglife

New York Times Subscription for the real paper on Sundays and the unlimited online articles during the week. We had a pretty awesome Sunday routine in Brooklyn, so this is our special way to hold on to a piece of that.

This really comfortable sweatshirt that is perfect for every girlfriend happy hour.

The best skin care set ever. There are 4 items - daytime, nighttime, serum and eye cream. I'm linking the "discovery" kit that has smaller versions to try. We are obsessed in our household and I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it. Or really, anything from Beautycounter because I love pretty much everything.

A Chambong. Yep, it's like the classy version of a beer bong, so obviously perfect for any 30 something in your life. We've bought it as a gift in the past and then decided we needed one in our household because my blog has the word "classy" in the title.

I've bought a couple of books that I would put in the coffee table book category because I can pick them up every once in a while and read a few pages and take something away. This book features tons of awesome women and was recommended to me and I love it.

I love this Christmas album. I'm not a huge country fan, but I love her. The originals are pretty wonderful. You can find the songs on Spotify, but I bought the record because it's a pretty green color and is perfect for our Christmas activities at home.

And last but not least, these amazing blankets from Target (currently on sale.)  We bought three different colors of this so we could have one on each couch and one in our bedroom. They are giant and super soft. I'm tempted to buy a 4th now that they are on sale and winter is arriving.

I might circle back with another round of my favorite purchases for 2017, but in the meantime, treat yourself.


  1. YES to the NYT subscription!

    I love those Threshold blankets. I just got the green and the red for the beds at the shore.

  2. we have a few blankets like those and they're so amazing!

  3. The Chambong, YES! Also, I can't wait to try out those blankets when we visit!


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