November 22, 2017

Thank You Notes Vol. 14

We have been spreading ourselves a little thin recently. We've had parties, sporting events and work is  bananas. I'm so excited for this holiday weekend even though I'll find myself at work on Friday. Since it's been a full year since my last thank you notes post, I figured there's no better time.

Thank you Thanksgiving dinner for giving me the best side dishes known to man. I'm in charge of veggie sides this year for my dad's. My plans are to bring this scalloped cornthis vegetarian stuffing recipe and these Brussels Sprouts. I'm pretty damn excited about it - plus leftovers.

Thank you coffee & cough medicine for sponsoring this week at work. Working in an office means being exposed to all the germs and it's disgusting.

Thank you old age for giving me ZERO reasons to go out the night before Thanksgiving. Especially since I feel like crap, I'm super excited to get into my pajamas before dark tonight and not leave my couch.

Thank you Vikings for being awesome on Sunday. We had tickets for the Vikings vs. Rams game on Sunday and it was so much fun to watch. Adam Thielen is my new favorite player. He was undrafted and he's from Minnesota. Love a hometown hero.

Thank you magical body butter for saving my super dry skin. This winter is going to be no joke for me being back in Minnesota and my skin will continue to need your help. Now if only I could find a super awesome humidifier to help with my throat, I'll be set. I'm open to any suggestions.

Thank you Bravo for always overlapping real housewives cities. I never run out of crap to watch on television. That said, we still haven't finished season 2 of Stranger Things and have a million things in our list for winter.

Thank you meal subscription boxes for allowing me to skip the grocery store often. We are able to eat good food, have zero waste and not brave the grocery store as often. I'm a big fan. Purple Carrot is the newest one we tried. It's all plant based and we LOVED all three meals they sent last week.

Thank you online shopping. Black Friday is overwhelming and I've never been one to want to deal with that. But the idea that I can support small businesses out and about this weekend and then finish up any holiday shopping with one of the millions of sales online from my couch makes me so thankful and also so lazy.

Last, but not least, I'm thankful for our MN tribe that has been so welcoming to us as we've moved back, so supportive as we've dealt with some rough times and also so forgiving that we are forcing ourselves to say no to some things to remain sane and happy. The holidays are nuts. Things get crazy. Take some time to enjoy the little moments and stay sane.

Good luck to those that have holiday dinners with relatives that have differing politic views. Bring wine, wear sweatpants and try to stay in your happy place.


  1. Definitely having to bust out the wine for our Thanksgiving dinner.... I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!


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