November 15, 2017

On Top of the World

I swear, I'm getting to the end of the Europe photos, but I've kind of enjoyed savoring them a bit. Every time I sit down to organize one of these posts, it leads to conversations in our household about how soon we can plan our next adventure and how much fun it is. So just enjoy the photos because the Alps are magical.

One of the best birthdays we've celebrated was this past year in Zermatt. On Justin's birthday, we decided to take a few different gondolas to the top of Klein Matterhorn. They have carved out the inside of the peak so you can see the inside of the mountain and it's amazing! We were the only people in the whole place. The trick is taking the first ride up in the morning. We were joined by skiers that were taking advantage of the altitude and getting some late May runs in.

The Glacier Paradise has tons of ice sculptures, displays and even a slide. We took full advantage of having the place to ourselves. Once we were frozen, we headed up to the cafe and the lookout area. We went snowtubing on the summit. We got some coffee and just enjoyed the view. You can see at least three different countries from the top and we had such a wonderful clear day.

The experience itself was expensive, but the views can't be beat. We planned ahead for this because we knew we wanted to do something extra fun for our birthdays. Personally, I think it was worth it, but would have been even more so if we had all of our belongings and were dressed appropriately (this was before my suitcase arrived.) We could have done a little more hiking and exploring if we were dressed better. 

Do you splurge on experiences on vacation? We try to pick one thing that is special and plan for it. I'm curious if others avoid these "tourist" things.

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  1. Amazing! I am so sad you did not have all of your gear.

    We will definitely splurge on experiences on vacation. Tourist things are popular for a reason.


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