November 2, 2017

My Favorite Town in the World

You have traveled with us to the fairytale town of Rothenburg, got a recap of our brief stay in Munich, saw photos of our road trip through Germany, read me gush over the beauty that is Austria and that one time we checked something off Justin's bucket list and drank the Prince's wine. Most recently, I've shared the awesome city of Lucerne and our travels through the Swiss countryside. Go ahead, all those links will take you back if you missed anything. I'll wait.

I'm finally to the part of our trip that I was most excited about. There is a little town in southern Switzerland where no cars are allowed, the Matterhorn is the permanent skyline and every outdoor lover is in complete heaven. This place is called Zermatt. We decided to spend a few nights here to celebrate our birthdays and really explore the surrounding area. 

If you visit this little town in May (like we did), you will notice that it's pretty quiet and there are a few places that are not open because the owners are on holiday. This is definitely the "off season" for this ski town. The locals told us that summer is busy with hikers and traveling families and the winters are bustling with snow enthusiasts from around the world, but May was wonderful and quiet. 

We had fondue two nights in a row (because we obviously both wanted a vat of cheese for our birthday dinners.) We drank in the local pub and heard about the trips the locals have taken to New York City. We carefully navigated tipsy talks about American politics as well. We hiked hours each day exploring waterfalls, views of the glacier and alpine lakes. 

We returned to our hotel after a long day of hiking and my luggage had finally arrived. Just deciding what to wear that evening was a task because all of a sudden there were options. 

This town is one of the best places I have ever visited and I'm sure we will return in the future. The Matterhorn was so incredible to see in person and the hiking trails in the area were breathtaking (literally and figuratively.) I posted a question at the bottom of the post and I'm super hopeful that people will answer it in the comments so we can get a good list going.

What is the best town you've ever visited on vacation? What did you love about it?


  1. So beautiful! You guys looked like you had a great time!! And all that bread! yes please!


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