November 28, 2017

Hiking in the Alps

When I started recapping our Europe trips, I figured I had months worth of blog posts. Well, I was right, but now I only have one more post after this and that makes me insanely sad. We have a couple of domestic trips on the calendar, but we really need to start planning our 10 year anniversary trip. Any big suggestions on international trips?? We have a couple ideas, but nothing locked in yet.

Anyways, this round of photos are my favorite. The entire purpose of this trip was to do some hiking in the Alps. We wanted to be in the shadow of the Matterhorn (without actually climbing it.) The glacier run offs were clear and beautiful, the flowers were just starting to bloom but there was snow capped mountains every direction. We based our time in Zermatt as you might remember from this post

We did two full days of hiking and exploring using the paths that leave right from the main street. There are trails of all skill levels. Our first hiking day, we walked straight down main street until the road turned to a small hiking path. There were tons of turn offs and trails to choose from. We passed a few other travelers on our route, but it was never busy. 

My favorite part of this hiking day was the old villages that are still standing. There's a Church that someone takes care of that is beautiful (pictured below with Justin) and then lots of little homes (some are still lived in, but others have been vacated for a while.) There were loops of all lengths, so we had plenty of trails to keep us busy for most of the day. Plus the sunny skies and clear views of the surrounding peaks was hard to resist.

The second day, we took a train up through the middle of a mountain and then hiked around in higher altitudes. I was pretty used to it by then, but because we went up on the first train of the day, we didn't see another person the entire time.

Our views of the Matterhorn from here seemed to be so much more on the same level. Plus, the alpine lakes provide an amazing prop to help get the best photos. Don't mind me if I just scroll through about 80 times.

If you are visiting Zermatt, you must give yourself at least a few hours to hike around. The sheep on the hillside with their bells around their necks, the old ski huts and "cabins", the waterfalls and alpine lakes. It's dreamy. There's no real way to explain it with words.

Hope that was enough inspiration for you to book your trip. I'll be back soon with the final installment of our Europe trip (and also my least favorite part.)

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