October 18, 2017

Snapshots of a Brooklyn Apartment

I loved our apartment in Brooklyn. The neighborhood was a big part of that, but the layout is also much better for us than our previous place. I only posted these photos which shows tiny corners of that apartment and I want to document this home a little better. Even though we were only there one year, it will forever be one of my favorite homes.

We are now settled in our new place in Minneapolis, but I didn't want to skip posting these. I want to always remember my favorite things about this place.

I loved the giant window in the living room. We got morning light and it was wonderful. In the winter, it helped warm up the apartment and in the summer, we didn't have to worry about the afternoon blaze through the window. We were on the second floor and right at the tree line, so all you saw during the spring, summer and fall were the leaves.

Couch and rug from Ikea. Poof found on Amazon here.

We kept everything really simple. It was only 625 sq feet (a little big by NYC standards) but it fit all our things, plus allowed two separate office spaces since we were both working from the apartment. We never thought we'd be able to find or afford anything that wouldn't make us feel super cramped, so we got extremely lucky.

Orange record stand found at Homegoods, Record Player w/ other features found here, and scratch off world map found here 

Our living spaces (living room & kitchen) were all one big room with a separate bedroom and a separate little office space. We also had a tiny little balcony that could fit two small chairs facing one another and a little table mounted to the railing. It was perfect for Sunday morning coffee sipping and newspaper reading.

Couch from Ikea, Pillows from Target
The little office space (which was impossible to take a photo of properly) had some awesome wallpaper from Chasing Paper that was super easy to install and remove and made the tiny closet like space feel like an office. I would use wallpaper in every place forever and ever. I change my mind so often and this felt easier than painting. It was our first time putting it in and there were some definite learnings, but this wall was behind the door most of the time and it didn't bug us that some of the seams were a little off.

We had the best shower ever. It was a deep bathtub with jets and a really strong shower. The bathroom was much smaller than our previous apartment, but it felt right for us because we could make the most of the space. Plus, I love this shower curtain (get the same one here.)

I miss working at my little desk in the corner of my bedroom near the sliding glass doors. I miss cooking big lunches because we worked from home. I miss our neighborhood (I'll have a big ole sappy post about NYC soon.) I miss our maintenance guy George. I miss the sounds of the neighborhood while sitting on our balcony. I miss the giant windows that Quincy could see out of from the chaise of the couch. I miss the thick solid wood doors.

We made great memories in that apartment. It was the best place we've ever lived, but I'm hoping we can just keep getting better and we are already pretty in love with our current home. We don't take long to settle once we are in a place. We like everything put away and put together ASAP. It's been a busy few weeks, but maybe I'll show you pictures of this place before we move again. And in case anyone is looking for an apartment in Brooklyn, better move quick. They increased the rent on our apartment 10% in just one year and got it on the 2nd viewing appointment. Holy Crap.

What's your favorite thing about where you live? What makes it home?


  1. i love my house; unfortunately, i have 2 ahole neighbours that ruin it for me and i wish i could just buy land, pick up my house and drop it onto said land. we've customized our home to exactly how we want and i hardly leave my house because i love it so much!

  2. What a cute space! I absolutely love that orange cabinet!

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