October 5, 2017

Lake Lucerne

Another few weeks has gone by since I've stared at pictures from a few months ago. You guys, I haven't even shared the most beautiful places yet. Switzerland just completely took my breath away. The Alps just completely exceeded every expectation I had. Pictures could never do it justice, but it was pictures that inspired me to plan this trip, so maybe you'll be inspired.

We picked two places in Switzerland to stay and explore. Lucerne was the first and we were only there for 2 days. It is a great city right on a huge lake and surrounded by mountains. It's breathtaking. We spent our days wandering the narrow streets and along the lake shore just taking it all in. It seemed to be a place that everyone wanted to be outside. The city has a river that runs through the middle and empties into the lake. You will find the old wooden bridges here and it's the center of the tourist areas. 

We stayed at this hotel and had a great experience. It's newly remodeled and we could walk everywhere from there. If you do have a car, it can get a little overwhelming because it's an old city and the streets are very narrow and busy. We found a parking spot for our stay, but I think we got very lucky. My biggest recommendations if you are visiting Lucerne is to spend an evening watching the sunset on the lake shore. There was live music everywhere and so many people enjoying the parks. 

Just looking at these again makes me want to get back to the mountains ASAP. Is Switzerland on your list?

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  1. Well, now it is! Looks so peaceful. *heart eyes*


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