October 16, 2017

En Route to Zermatt

Leaving Lucerne, we were like two giggling children so excited that we were on our way to see the Matterhorn in person. It was my birthday that day we made this trip, so I was determined to make the most of this road trip. We stopped often and took in the views. It was cloudy in the AM and the sun broke through by the afternoon. There was quite a bit of construction on our route, but that led to even better detours. It was one of my favorite drives I've ever been on.

There were a few options, but we opted for the one with the most mountains and a car train because mountains were the main purpose of our trip. A car train? Yep, we had the same thoughts. We had to do some googling and found out that some mountain passes don't have roads, so there is a train that zooms through a series of tunnels with your car on top of it with you in the car. It's like a ferry, but there are no views and you must stay inside the vehicle at all times. We loved it, but we were the lucky ones that only waited 15 minutes for the train. They can't always fit everyone on and then people have to wait for the next train an hour or so later. My advice to you would be to research the times before you leave and try and get there early enough to be at the front of the line.

The route we took:

I'm trying to figure out how to spend an entire week in Andermatt skiing because the town was so beautiful and there were ski hills everywhere. It was so much better than I was anticipating and I was sad we didn't plan a night or two there to explore. Switzerland will definitely be a return trip for us in the near future.

Our road trip ended in Tasch and then we boarded the 15 minute train to Zermatt. Zermatt does not allow cars in the town (other than a few electric taxis) so it's super quiet. The anticipation getting to town was almost too much for us. And then we couldn't find our hotel, so a whole new adventure began. I'll be back with our Zermatt time again soon.

Happy Monday!


  1. Freaking amazing. Love the last shot of you.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! And sometimes detours give us a chance to see something we never would have before!

  3. WOW...just wow! so beautiful and that bridge...there's something similar in Vancouver called Capilano Suspension Bridge and I basically crawled across it lol

  4. Wait... a car train? A town that doesn't allow cars? Is this outer space?! ��✌��


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