September 27, 2017

Winter is Coming

The air has been quite a bit cooler the last few days after a 90 degree weekend and it was a good reminder that Winter is coming. I'm not talking Game of Thrones in this post (I've already professed my love for that show here.) Today, I'm talking about the dryness in my skin & frizziness in my hair that makes me so uncomfortable in the winter.

These are just a few of my favorite things, but they are my most consistent. There are a few Beautycounter items on this list because it's my go-to for most things, but I included some other items as well (there are some affiliate links.) Read more about Beautycounter and why I love them by clicking on this link.

1. Body Butter in Citrus Mimosa from Beautycounter. I keep this next to my bed and put it on my arms, legs, hands and feet before bed. It is super thick and I love the smell. The jar lasts me the whole winter and gets the hard work done.

2. Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary from Beautycounter. I've raved about this stuff before and I use it all year round. In fact, I think we've gone through this product more than any others that we've tried. I love the way it makes my skin feel and it smells amazing. I was a little freaked about about oils before getting involved with Beautycounter, but I've definitely changed my mind.

3. Countermatch Daily Lotion from Beautycounter. This is my everyday face lotion. It's lightweight and it works with your skin to release the amount of hydration you need. This is a new product and sold out almost immediately on its first release this Summer. I haven't tried it yet in the winter, but I have faith. It's back in stock now, so check it out.

4. Moon Fruit Night Treatment from Herbivore Botanicals. You only need a tiny bit and you put it on when you go to sleep and it works its magic over night. I use this sparingly because it's expensive, but I love it.

5. Burt's Bees Lip Conditioner is my favorite. I think Justin and I have at least 10 of these around our house, in backpacks and in the car. They don't really smell like anything fruity and they don't have any color, but they are my absolute favorite.

6. The Smooth & Control Line from Beautycounter. I don't know about anyone else, but I deal with frizzy hair all year round, but as soon as I'm pulling wool sweaters and scarfs on, my hair takes on a new personality in the winter. I need all the smooth and control I can get. My favorite is the oil because it tames the beast that is my hair.

7. Humidifier with Oil Diffuser. We bought this last winter and I love it. It's small and doesn't look tacky in a corner. I have a lot to learn about essential oils, but I know which smells I like and that's what I've stuck with in the past. I'll get more creative and pinteresty this winter and look up combos to help with colds and better sleep.

8. Lush Floating Island. This is a luxury bath oil. I love everything from Lush. There is no bath bomb I've met that I don't love and I'm super excited to stock up on these ones again for a little extra moisture.

If you're interested in picking up any Beautycounter stuff, I'm also donating 10% of any sales made by end of the day on October 1 to the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. There is so much help needed there right now and I want to help in anyway that I can and I urge you to do the same.

Let me know what I'm missing from this list or if you have any questions on anything.

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