September 11, 2017

Hamster Wheel

We have survived the first week. Well, almost a week. I should just get this out of the way:
We got in town Monday. The drive wasn't too bad, pretty uneventful. Yes, moving is stressful. We are sad to have left New York City, but we are happy to start this new adventure. We don't have a place to live yet. Yes, that's a little tough. We found a great AirBnB for the short term.
I have said that same paragraph at least 25 times in the last week. I told Justin that I should just make an announcement when we walk into the room. We had a wedding on Friday night and then a few smaller gatherings this weekend, so we saw a lot of people we haven't seen in a while. I'm grateful that so many people care what's happening, but it is starting to feel a little like a hamster wheel.

We are going to check out a few rental places this week before our work trip to Las Vegas, so I'm hoping we find a more permanent residence (you know, a 12 month lease.) Then we can begin the process of tracking down our stuff with the cross country moving company. Should be interesting.

In the meantime, I'm going to soak in time with my girlfriends and the last few days of summer. If anyone has any recommendations for Las Vegas, send them my way. It's a work conference, but we have a little down time and we extended one extra day to enjoy the desert air.

Happy Monday.


  1. I hate answering any questions when I am unsettled. No matter how good the intentions of the askers are.

  2. ugh i agree with you and Steph. I hate when people ask questions about something like this, i know they mean well and i know i do it as well, but there's nothing worse than having to give the same answer over and over again to remind you that you aren't where you want to be. well okay there are a lot of things worst, but you get me. hope you are able to find a more permanent place soon.


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