September 22, 2017

Autumn Wish List

It is the first day of fall. It seems a little weird because it's supposed to be 90 degrees in Minneapolis today, but I'm sure I'll be complaining about the cold before we know it. The changing of the seasons always feels like a fresh start, but this one is huge for us. We are settling into our new normal and excited to explore our surroundings and spend as much time outside as possible. That means it is time to create a list. Whenever we are bored or unsure of what to do, I always reference the wishlist I posted.

1. Buy bicycles. We have moved to one of the most bike friendly cities in the country and our neighborhood was chosen specifically so we could bike to work on nice days. We are hoping to find something recycled and comfortable. If anyone knows of a good bike shop in the Twin Cities, let me know.

2. Walk/run around at least 4 new lakes in Minneapolis. There are so many within a few miles of us and I want to take advantage to get my exercise in.

3. Try some new breweries. Since we left, the brewery scene has kind of exploded around here. I've tried lots of local stuff when we've been home, but never actually been to many of the breweries.

4. Visit an Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch. One of those magical fall places that makes you feel like a kid again.

5. Travel to Boulder, CO. Two of our best friends left NYC for the Rockies about a month before we left and we are itching to get there for a weekend ASAP. Hopefully we can convince them to visit the great North at some point as well.

6. Have some grandparent time. Since moving away, the hardest people to track down are our grandparents. We are super excited to get to spend some more quality time with them now that we are within a few hours of them.

7. Enjoy some hometown football. We are back in Vikings territory and it feels wonderful. I don't know if we'll make it to US Bank Stadium this year since the Superbowl madness surrounding the stadium has already started, but we will definitely spend some time downtown with all of our closest purple wearing friends. I can't wait to show you all the new shirt I got for this football season.

8. Try and find a good concert or play to go to. Prices are way more affordable here for live entertainment and there is always something going on. I want to take advantage of this.

9. Plan a reunion with the rest of the Sweatpant Squad somewhere in the country to keep up with our annual Thanksgiving dinner. It wouldn't be the same holiday without them and a few bottles of champagne.

Before we moved away from St Paul, we were stuck in a routine. We went to the same places and did the same things day after day. We are determined to try everything this place has to offer and we already feel like we are in a brand new place.

What's on your wishlist for fall?


  1. It was freeezing here in the GWN yesterday and my boyfriend was texting me that he was under a heat warning in St.Paul - soooo not fair haha

    Hitting up some breweries is definitely being added to my fall bucket list!

  2. This all sounds so lovely and bucolic! The "Sweatpants Squad" sounds particularly cozy!

  3. we have our annual huge fair coming up next weekend and i can't wait! i really hope that it doesn't get rained out this year (like it always does every year) :s

  4. Hi can I please join the sweatpants squad?! because that sounds like my people.


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