September 26, 2017

A Little Rage Writing

Hi. It's me. I'm one angry little person this morning for so many reasons, so I'm venting. I'll bounce back - hopefully later this afternoon, but it's been building for a few days so it's time to rage on my keyboard. I think I'll make myself crazy if I go too much into details, so I'm using GIF's today (sorry Steph.)

Every time I get on Twitter and see another stupid thing our asshat president writes.

Image result for gifs of frustration computer

When I read online about the kneeling protests and the people that don't seem to remember or understand how this started in the first place. Maybe they forgot that this is a year old topic and it has a ton of important meaning behind it. They must have forgotten that the asshat called the protesters in Charlottesville "some real nice people" and then referred to these silent protesters "sons of bitches" just a few weeks later. I kind of want to do this to their heads.

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When we find out that we can't move into our house Saturday like we thought and then get postponed again on Monday.

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Because of the moving delay mentioned above, I have no idea where all my things are. I haven't seen my brush in days and I had to purchase a new work outfit yesterday because my stuff is scattered everywhere.

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When people in our office continue to stop in and ask me how the house hunt is going and ask why I don't have decorations on my wall yet.

Image result for gifs of frustration office

Then I shut the door, lock it and do this.

Image result for gifs of crying

Check the news one more time and see that we are maybe at war with North Korea, Puerto Rico is begging and pleading for assistance and the asshat is uninviting the popular kids to his birthday party before they could decline his invite. Real effing mature.

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That has been the last few days in a nutshell. It's been very touch and go.

We are so grateful for Justin's parents letting us crash with them this weekend and helping distract us with a super fun game night and good food. I'm avoiding the office today after having a full fledged crying meltdown in secret there yesterday. So we are camping out in a hotel until our late checkout time and then hopefully getting our keys (although I've said that 3 times in the last week.) Once we are there, I think I will become a more tolerable person and I'll try to stop listening to the "Life Sucks" playlist on Spotify. Well, until I check Twitter again or get bad news on where our moving truck is (that's a whole different adventure.)

Moving sucks. I know that I'm a very lucky person and I'm being over dramatic. Go be a good person and give a few dollars to the people of Puerto Rico using any of the charities they list here or any others. Also, go read Chelsea's blog because her positivity and cheerfulness while remaining extremely genuine and sincere is inspiring.

Please send jokes, wine and donate to people that really need help.


  1. that whole kneeling thing is blowing up my FB and twitter feed that i've stopped going on those two sites because it's freaking annoying and frankly, stupid. not even sorry i said that. people need to just stop freaking out over every little thing - there are worse things happening in this world like civil war or people trying to rebuild their lives due to those awful hurricanes etc.

    it sucks that you're not in your house yet; hope it closes soon!

  2. Oh man I am going to lose my SHIT over the Tang Tyrant and his idiocy so I really can't imagine this moving malarkey on top of that. I sincerely hope you are getting the keys ASAP.

  3. I totally feel your Twitter rage. The Puerto Rico tweets nearly sent me off the deep end. When you have a chance, text me your address!

  4. I have so many thoughts about #takeaknee but right now...POTUS called on Americans to boycott the NFL. EVERY player should take a knee! I fully support the players that have been taking a knee but I'm sorry, this is not a matter of public policy and for the president to spend more time complaining about millionaire football players than sending aid to Puerto Rico.

    I'm sorry that your move keeps being delayed. =/

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