August 24, 2017

#trendingontwitter: White People, Science & T Swift

Is it just me or does it seem like it's almost impossible to keep up with the news this summer? I have a few favorite podcasts and by the time they are available to listen to, they are already almost outdated. It's insane. Here are some things that have been trending on the twit machine this week.

#backtoschool - Hug a teacher this week. Donate some school supplies. It's that time of year when everyone is heading back to school. Teachers will probably deal with some things this year that they never have before with the things floating around the news lately. Education is important and we all need to support kids in any way possible.

#solareclipse2017 - We spent Monday morning laughing at all the people that were freaking out about the eclipse. Then at noon, I started to feel really left out. No cereal boxes in our apartment, so I took a Wheat Thins box and followed the Skimm tutorial and made myself an eclipse viewer. We went to the rooftop and realized that our suspicions were correct. It was overhyped... UNTIL our neighbors gave us a pair of special glasses and then we were pretty amazed. You needed the glasses. We spent the next 20 minutes walking up and down our street sharing the glasses with everyone we saw. It was incredible. See you in 2024. #scienceisrealandcool

#taylorswift - She broke the internet with her snake videos and album announcement. Her song is out today. Yes I will listen to it, but I'm not going to automatically assume it's the greatest thing ever which seems to be the general consensus on the internet.

#PhoenixRally - Why are we having rallies for our president? How is this a good use of time or resources? I'm so annoyed and pissed off about this. But, I did get a good laugh when the news broke about them using an overhead shot of the Cavaliers victory parade and claiming it was the Trump rally in AZ. Fake news my friends.

#powerball - We bought our tickets, made our game plan for when we won and then lost. Same thing every time. But, a smart man once told me that you'll never win if you don't play. Meanwhile, one person in Massachusetts just became UBER rich and will probably squander it all away in the next decade because they aren't as smart as me with their plan in place. Also, the Hamilton lottery changed and now I'm sure it's rigged. BS.

#NationalWaffleDay - No thoughts on this really, except that I love waffles. Also, if you are a vegetarian, but have always wanted to try Chicken & Waffles (like me), run to Sweet Chick. They have a veg-friendly version and it will blow your mind.

#GoT - How is there only one more episode of the season? I'll be having withdrawls for months. I'll just leave this photo here for you, because we all know the real love story of the series.

#NotAllWhitePeople - I'm just going to link to the tweet right below. Read the whole string.
Also, I'm going to put together a list of all the books that were featured in the Resistance Reading posts from the bookstore I talked about yesterday. I'm going to convince my sister in law to have a tiny book club with me to work through these. Holler if you're interested because we could make it an online thing as well.

Follow me on Twitter here if interested. Tell me - do you have a powerball winning plan? Loving GoT? Doing some resistance reading? I want to know everything - comment below or tweet at me.

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  1. i was so sad when i found out that this sunday was the season finale; i thought we had TWO more epis left! i'm reading the books now and omg they're SO good.


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