August 29, 2017

Rainy Day Gratitude

It's a rainy day in Brooklyn. My dad and godfather left town this morning after an awesome weekend of perfect weather. Now there's only 48 hours until we leave NYC. Reality is sinking in. Everything is off the walls, I'm rushing through work emails and calls and in between, I'm cleaning and packing. The movers are coming tomorrow. 

The rain isn't helping my mood. It feels like the kind of day to be a little sad. At the same time, it's just a life transition. We aren't dealing with any major issues like others in the country and around the 

So, I figured I needed to take a page from 2014 me and list out my gratitude for the week:

1. We got to go to the US Open on opening day. 13 matches going on at one time, front row seats to two different matches that were super intense, one cold glass of champagne. It was a perfect day with my dad, my godfather and my husband.

2. Our favorite neighborhood bartender knows we don't do "shots" so he poured us a beer shot last night to do a little cheers. It was an amazing double IPA. He gets me.

3. Crif dogs, dive bars and Artichoke Pizza with my favorite NYC internet friends. Thanks to this little hobby of mine, I was able to meet this blogger and we've become fast friends. We had a great night with them Friday and can't wait to plan our next adventure.

4. Salvation Army is right around the corner from our apartment making donation drop off insanely easy. I'll take anything that's easy now.

5. The GoT finale. I loved it and I'm hoping for lots of snow in their filming locations this winter so we can get the final season next year.

6. Our dogs. They are such troopers. They travel with us, move around with us and put up with us while we pack all of our stuff. We got them all freshly groomed, got them new beds and we are crossing our fingers that they put up with us through this move as well. 

7. Coffee. It's helping give me an extra boost this week while I get through the long list of things to do. It is especially tasty on a cold, rainy morning.

The people in Texas need our help right now. Make sure to take a minute today and send a few dollars to one of the many organizations working hard to get the basic necessities to these people. Seeing the news about the flooding is so devastating and we can all spare a little bit to help. We sent money to Red Cross and Austin Pets Alive and will be following along closely to see if there's anything else we can do from afar. There are so many different organizations and stores helping out, so make sure to show your support in any way possible. 

To add a little more money to the pot, I'll donate 20% of any Beautycounter sales between now & the end of the day on 9/1 to the Red Cross as well. Click here to shop.

Tell me something you're grateful for and if you have any tips to stay calm while moving. 


  1. the GoT finale was awesome and when it ended, my husband and I both shouted NOOOOOOO! to the tv lol


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