August 21, 2017

Our Next Big Step

This is one of those posts I could have teased for a while to get people to click on it. It's just not really in my arsenal of tricks. This is not a huge announcement post, just a big old life update. We are moving at the end of the month. It's a big move cross country move again, but it feels very different this time.

Four years ago, we were nervous and overwhelmed with the move out east. It was an area we didn't know very well and we only knew one person in the area. In the last four years, we have made some amazing friends and done some amazing things. We've eaten all kinds of food

We are leaving New York City and it's so very bittersweet. We are super excited about new opportunities at work and to be around our family and friends that we have missed so much, but I will miss this home and the people here that have become our tribe.

We are heading back to Minneapolis, back to my original home base. The company we work for is headquartered there and I got a new job with the company. We moved out here four years ago to help open a new office here and get our new business off the ground. It's been an incredible four years and we've loved every minute.

We've heard so many stories about the burn out of New York City. It's expensive, it's loud and it can be a little bit overwhelming. We have thrived on the energy of this magical place, but our one rule is that we would leave this city before we didn't love it. I know that we still had another good couple of years, but we also didn't want to pass up the opportunity for a new adventure.

When we left the Twin Cities, it felt like a relief - like we were stuck in a rut and this was our way out. We are determined to return and do things differently this time. We want to try new things, meet new people and stay involved. We want to take the lifestyle we have created here and bring it along with us.

So cheers to the final days in New York City. There will be many tears shed in the next two weeks as we take in everything we can in Brooklyn. But on the other end, there will be many happy tears as we get to be in the same area as our nieces and nephew, sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, so many of our best friends and all their new babies. Plus, we will be able to get ourselves some good Bloody Mary's.

Send us all the good positive thoughts over the next few weeks and I'm sorry in advance for the sappy NYC posts I'll be sharing.


  1. Awe, so excited for you guys! The East Coast won't be the same without you guys, but I'm sure Minnesota will be SO happy to have you back!! Good luck on the move & congrats on the new position!!!

  2. How exciting! So wish I met you in person before your move - you must come back to visit.

  3. Congrats on the move home! That's so exciting! :)

  4. That's so exciting!

    I always said I would live in NYC one day but now I'm planning a move to the Twin Cities (Eagan if we're getting technical haha) and that's probably the closest I'll get to NYC

  5. i feel like i've been following you since before the move and i can't believe it's been that long?! i totally understand about wanting to move before not loving it/burning out. here's to new adventures!


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