August 4, 2017

Giant Beers Fix Things: Our Time in Munich

I just heard that it is International Beer Day. In our house, that happens every Friday, but there isn't a better day to share some pictures of giant beers. 

We had a little bit of a debacle getting to Germany. I don't want to totally relive it, but I'll give you the short version. There was a "weather delay" leaving NYC, passengers that wouldn't let those trying to make connections get off the plane first, sprinting through Detroit only to watch the plane roll away, hours calmly talking to Delta management, a kind French woman getting us on a flight in the middle seats to Paris, treating ourselves to macaroons in the Paris airport and a short flight to Munich in separate parts of the plane. We only about five hours later than originally anticipated and completely without luggage, but we were there. And I promise, that was the short version.

Once we got to Munich, we were determined to just have the best time, so we did what we do best and we set out walking. The weather was perfect, the parks are beautiful and the people were so wonderful.

We spent one giant beer's time at the Hofbrauhaus. The first half, we sat outside and admired all the amazing outfits. We moved inside for the second half of our giant beers and got to enjoy so much music, arm wrestling, loud singing and people having a great time. It wasn't the greatest beer I had while we were in Europe, but it was the one I was most excited about.

We walked all over town and tried to take in as much as possible. We fought off the exhaustion because we only had one day to explore. We enjoyed street food and live music and spent some time watching the river surfing. If you're looking for a list of what to do while visiting Munich, you can read about that on the Nomad's site here. Also, J shared some info on the river surfing here if you're interested in that.

I'm going to just share some of my favorite pictures.

My highlights from this lovely city include the ceiling in the Hofbrauhaus (and the live music), the amazing breakfast at our hotel - Design Hotel (we would definitely recommend this place), the Englischer Garden and our early morning walk with no one around.

Have you been to Munich? We really liked it. It wasn't our favorite city, but we also didn't give it much time thanks to our delay and the fact that we were trying to avoid big cities on our trip as much as possible. We were ready to hit the road.

Happy International Beer day!


  1. Love your photos.

    It's so hard to get through the first day on a trip like this and do and see while being tired. Add the travel and luggage issues and you guys really killed it.

  2. oh my gosh, what an absolute debacle. what a nightmare. you definitely needed the beers ;) I haven't been to Munich, but I have definitely had to push through exhaustion when I've only had a short time somewhere. it's worth it, but hard!

  3. This pictures are stunning and I'm still so impressed with your cool, calm and collected-ness after the luggage debacle!


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