August 1, 2017


Is it the last month of Summer? I think not. Once you are out of school, I firmly believe that you get to wait until the end of September until you move on, but that won't stop me from enjoying every bit of the Summer months today. Here is what we are up to currently.

Loving Clinton Hill. Summer is the time of block parties, stoop sitting and rooftop sunsets. I'm soaking in every minute. The trees are tall and full and the streets are busy. The conversations linger longer in the warm nights than the winter evenings. It is light out until past 9:00 PM and the music is loud at least an hour past that.

Eating Hello Fresh this week. They had the best lineup for this week that I've seen in a long time. We had sweet potato & black bean tacos today and that's just the beginning. We haven't always been super excited about their menus so we have barely tried them, but I couldn't pass up a week of some favorites with new twists.

Drinking lots of IPAs. While I write this, I'm enjoying a Hoppy Adventure from Harpoon. I love hoppy beers.

Watching Sopranos and Veep. We figured we would finally watch a few shows that have been recommended to us a bunch from HBO. We obviously pay for HBONow thanks to John Oliver and Game of Thrones, so we are maximizing the $14/month (totally worth it in my opinion.)

Missing our OG squad. Our favorite family is leaving the tri-state area this week and I miss them already. They were the first ones here to have a baby and move on and it's sad. Truth is, it happens to so many of the NY friends you may meet. We wish them the best and we can't wait to visit them in Boulder, CO in October.

Reading too many books at one time. I love "holds" at the library until all of a sudden, they all come in at the same time. I'm grateful to have a few days off next week so I can read in the mornings and get caught up a little bit.

Buying this palette from Beautycounter. They only release items like this once or twice a year and they are wonderful. I got mine this AM because I was worried they are going to sell out. Get yours here.

Googling winter vacations to the Caribbean. I've never been and I feel like I need to see turquoise waters this year and everything magical. Maybe Turks?? Any recommendations?

Counting Down until next week when we have a few days off to just enjoy life for a few minutes and step away from the craziness that has been work. We were planning on going to the west coast, but we decided to just stay here and enjoy a few days at home with no plans and an "out of office" on. One week. So pumped.

What are you excited about this month?


  1. Winter vacation would be awesome! You really can't go wrong with anywhere in the USVI or BVI. Tortola is GORGEOUS and it's in the middle of a bunch of islands, so you can island hop if you're feelin' fancy ;)

    Miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  2. It is definitely NOT the last month of summer, why would you ever say something like that?!

  3. ooh Caribbean! how exciting! we did a cruise so no real recommendations, but it would be awesome to escape winter to go. i wish there was a way to like stagger your holds, like give up your spot as #1 and let someone go in front, but then jump right back in? you know? like at the grocery store haha. i'm not letting the whole line through, just one person. oh well. we can dream.


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