August 23, 2017

Books, Hair and Other Non-Important Things

Happy Hump Day. I feel like I can blog about anything I want again because I finally shared our moving news. I didn't share it sooner because we wanted to share with all of our friends here and have the conversations before posting it on the internet. Plus, I'm still fairly emotional about it. I'm sure that is going to get worse in the next few days since we are in the single digits now.

I love getting rid of stuff. The less stuff I have, the happier I am. Moving is the best excuse to purge things. We've refilled the little free library down the street and dropped off two loads of donations to Salvation Army already with one more round to go. 

Speaking of cleaning up, I'm also in the mode of cleaning out my email inbox for work and personal. I'd love to have everything caught up and cleaned up. I'm only about 1,000 emails away from that happening, so...

One of my favorite bookstores in Brooklyn shared a series of #resistancereading on their Instagram account, so I've decided to give all these books a chance. Below is just day one, they posted an additional seven days. Have you read any of these?

A new hair routine is starting for me this week. I've battled the frizz most of my life and I've struggled finding stuff that works good, doesn't cost a fortune and doesn't have all the bad crap in it. It's actually kind of disgusting what they put in hair products (read more in this article.) Beautycounter recently released a whole new hair care line and they have one called Smooth and Control line. I'm diving straight in now that I've used up the bumble&bumble stuff in the shower. Stay tuned.

Lastly, I love this song. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I like that song too.

    Now following that bookstore.

    I got your card in the mail. Thank you! It made me smile. I'm glad to have you in my tribe.

  2. i have homegoing at the library but it's taking forever!


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