July 26, 2017


Does anyone crave "normal?" I like to think that I'm spontaneous and can just roll with whatever comes my way, but that's not true. I have a limit. After two weeks of living in an AirBnB in Indianapolis, I was so happy to get a glimpse of the NYC skyline Saturday evening.

I was so happy to be back to normal - even if that "normal" is never really normal. Here are the things that made me feel more normal this week:

1. Enjoying coffee at my leisure. The last two weeks, I had to make a cup in the morning and then if I was lucky enough to sneak away mid morning, I could grab another cup. This week, I'm back to just being able to refill at leisure.

2. Reading. Staying in an AirBnB with coworkers meant lots of evening brainstorming and socializing and no time for reading. I got home to find out 7 books were ready for me. I'm in trouble and have some serious catching up to do.

3. My bed. Duh.

4. My shower. Again. Duh.

5. Morning walks in our neighborhood. We walked the dogs around the block in the neighborhood we stayed in Indy, but the temps were so hot that we couldn't walk them too far. Now we are back in our hood and the temps have been perfection. Walks have been lengthy for the pups and th3y are so happy.

6. Meals in my own kitchen. The AirBnB we stayed in didn't have great kitchen tools, so we made pasta and veggie burgers, but nothing too crazy and I missed it.

7. My own plethora of things in the bathroom cabinet. My favorite lotion and my charcoal mask and I felt like my face was back to normal.

All of those wonderful things are happening regularly, but things are still nuts with work and I'm playing catch up on chores. At least I'm heavily caffeinated and I have endless options for comfortable clothes. Plus one of my favorite people lands in NYC in less than 24 hours and I get a long weekend with her.


  1. oh my god yes to leisurely coffee. there's nothing worse than having to slurp it down while people are demanding shit from you. leave me alone while I have my morning coffee!


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