July 19, 2017

A Long Trip

We have been in Indianapolis since last Sunday on a work trip. We've been doing training and instead of traveling back and forth a few weeks in a row, we packed up the pups and headed to an AirBnB for two week straight to do it all in one swoop. Two weeks is a really long time. We are exhausted. The work part has been great - super productive and lots of awesome stuff is happening, but I'm so excited for my own bed and my own shower.

Since my brain is kind of mush right now, I figured I'd check in here and just make some observations about things happening lately:

1. AirBnB is great for work trips. We got a house with 3 very separate bedrooms and we have a couple of coworkers that are staying here with us. I understand that would be really uncomfortable for a lot of people, but the group we are with is super comfortable (or we would not have brought up this idea at all.)

2. If you are in Indy ever, you should check out Garden Table. We love this place and visited here twice during our visit and love it. Also, the Broad Ripple Brewpub, they have the best vegetarian options.

3. Countermatch is back in stock. This stuff is amazing and when Beautycounter first released it, it sold out almost instantly. It's back now and they made a lot more so get your hands on some. Click here. Make it happen.

4. I haven't had very much time to check social media, but it isn't one of those good breaks. I'm still seeing the sad and horrible and disgusting news, but just seeing less of my friends daily antics and pictures of their babies and puppies.

5. We have had a rough week with Lola. She's going to see the vet on Monday, so let's just hope that our drive home is comfortable and happy for her. She's on a rice and chicken diet right now and I'm hoping that helps.

6. I'm still excited about the GoT premiere.

7. I read an article this week about the new Star Wars hotel at Disney... and now I want to just go super nerd and check it out. Read more about it here.

8. Athleta is having a sale. They are one of my favorite stores because they are comfortable and they have environmentally friendly practices. I'm thinking of getting one of these comfy shirts or these leggings.

9. Everyone here has chickens. I know that lots of people do this, but we are staying just north of downtown and literally every house on this block has a chicken coop. They run around during the day and it keeps catching me off guard. When we walk the dogs in the morning, we hear Roosters. It's hilarious.

So, send good thoughts - for Lola, for these last two days and for our sanity. We will be home Saturday night and I'm so excited. Also, we listened to all of S-Town on our drive out here, so if you have any good podcast recommendations for our trip back - let me know. Hope all is well!


  1. oh hope Lola is okay. the star wars hotel - omg, KC would lose his mind.

  2. Good thoughts to Lola. Does she frequently have stomach problems as she ages? We had to switch food.

    I had to get those leggings. I hope I love them!

    I scored the BC moisturizer yesterday when I got the notification it was back.

  3. Wow that is a long time! Airbnb is a great idea for work trips though! I'll have to remember that.

  4. Well wishes and good thoughts for Lola! Hope she is feeling better by now!


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