June 2, 2017

#trendingontwitter: Paris, Tigers and the Dumbest Word Ever

Oh what a week it's been on Twitter. You go to sleep thinking the Bachelorette is loved by the country and you wake up with covfefe. It's a crazy world we live in. Here is a round up of the things that caught my eye on the Twit this week.

#covfefe - I was more entertained by this than I should have been. I decided to just imagine that he was tackled midtweet and a magical new word was created. Go ahead and just give yourself 15 minutes to read through all the hilarious tweets with this hashtag, but I wanted to stop and point this one out...

#spelling - Lots of attention on the spelling bee this week. Google released the map below and I can absolutely understand the confusion on some of these, but WI was the most hilarious. Good work all around America.

#TheBachelorette - I'm not a die hard fan. I skip most episodes, but I do like to watch some of the recaps. People seem to love this Bachelorette too. I'm confused about Ashton Kutcher being on the show, but no judgment here. Should I dive in and watch this? Do people watch TV in the summer?

#DUIofthetiger - Am I the only person that kind of feels bad for Tiger Woods? That mugshot will be the one that goes in the history books (aka Wikipedia) and not any of his golf pics. Maybe it's better to have this remembered instead of his philandering. I just don't think that celebrities getting in trouble should be on the front of every page.

#KeepParis - DJT decided to dump on the rest of the globe yesterday with his decision on the Paris Agreement. It's embarrassing. I'm so happy that so many mayors and governors spoke up yesterday that their states and cities would continue to comply with the agreement. And then the Weather Channel did this and it made me smile.

#NationalDoughnutDay - We just celebrated by walking to Dough for a sugar lunch. It was amazing. I love these stupid holidays because I love having an excuse to eat my favorite foods.

Hope you made it through the short week. Cheers to a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm a huge Bachelorette fan! I think the draw of the show is how blown-out, overdramatic, and formulaic it is. It's so over-the-top! That said, the past season of The Bachelor was awful because the premise was being throttled to death by the ego of a narcissistic reality TV star (metaphor for America???), but I have every hope that Rachel can save the franchise!

  2. The bachelorette (like, the woman herself) is relative smart and enjoyable and personable, so that's kept me watching so far this season. Deep down, I don't give a rats. Ha.
    I didn't catch the weather channel's trolling efforts but that's AMAZING.

  3. I had a field day with covfefe and I am still having a field day with it.


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