June 15, 2017

Thursday Ramblings

Happy Thursday. Here's a random collection of things. 

1. I got a little carried away on my library holds again and I have a serious backlog. I need to probably spend about 8 hours reading tonight to catch up. That said, I'm almost done with this book and I wish I had a book club to discuss this with in person. I'm also reading this book at the same time because it's mostly just facts and I like reading non fiction and fiction at the same time. It gives me a little variety.

2. I ordered two more of these candles this week - this time we went with The Shire and Winterfell. They last for a long time and they are all book themed. Plus, they are made by a small shop in Minnesota. I'm a huge fan.

3. It's Beautycounter new product launch day. They are continuing to expand their offerings and this new product is definitely innovative. It's called Countermatch and it adjust hydration levels throughout the day using a Bio-Mimic technology - plus it doesn't have the silicones and synthetic polymers that many lotions have. You can purchase it right here. If you are interested in sampling it first, let me know. I'm heading to the post office tomorrow and I'm sending out some sample kits. 

4. I need to be talked out of ordering these ice cube trays. I mean, flamingos + rubber ice cube trays (which are SO MUCH BETTER THAN PLASTIC).

5. Things we googled last night: Hasidic Judaism, Dog Ice Cream, Christopher Guest and Equador. Whenever we take long walks, we tend to have some pretty random conversation topics. The good news is that we learn a ton of random information.

6. If you are dying to see more vacation pictures, I posted Munich in One Day on the Tumbling Nomad and you can check it out. I love Germany.

That's all I got today. My brain is stuffed full of work. Hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. I use rubber ice cube trays. I love them.

    I'd love to try that new product - I was going to contact you about it. I'm almost due for a new moisturizer.

  2. I'm loving the BC mask and oil!!!! thanks again for sending it to me :)


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