June 26, 2017

Summer Weekends in the City

I miss the days of weekend recaps. I would still do them every week, but I've been kind of bad about taking photos. Also, I'm a little out of habit of blogging on a consistent basis. The bummer about not doing it is that I have no way of documenting it. Here are some awesome weekend things that have happened recently:

Our favorite place has 16 oz beers to go now. That doesn't sound awesome, except that this bar has beers you can't really find anywhere and sometimes, you just want to be home in your pajamas drinking.

Drinking while shopping is always a great idea. We found the Chubbies store and the boys shopped for swim trunks while we drank beers and supervised. The amount of flamingos in that store made me happy.

I ate chicken & waffles at Sweet Chick. I always thought that would be impossible while not eating meat, but Sweet Chick has a Tempeh "chicken" so I got to dive in. Maybe it didn't taste like chicken, but it's been so long and it tasted so good. Plus, I'm a sucker for flavored butters.

We had some MN friends in town last weekend and they allowed us to follow them around for a whole day. We did a little Brooklyn eating and drinking and then a littles sight seeing. I had my first Momofuku Milk Bar experience. I love cereal in every dessert. I'm excited because we have a few more visitors on the calendar this summer which means more excuses to eat desserts.

We have been trying new places as much as possible. We play "pick a neighborhood and then try new places" game every weekend. It's the easiest game there is, but it's my favorite. The place above was called Pizza Beach which seems like a magical place. We had some good people watching from our patio spot - apparently we found the place people get rowdy during the day.

On Saturday, the rain went away late morning and we made the trek to Governor's Island - FINALLY. I've wanted to do this for years, but it always seemed hard to get to. Well, I regret not doing this sooner. It's such a cool place. You just jump on a $2 ferry from Wall Street and in 10 minutes, you are somewhere that seems so far from the city. With food trucks, beer gardens, big fields of grass and tons to do, it's the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon. We threw the frisbee and ran around in the grass barefoot - it was magical. We finally used this gem - totally worth the money and the confusion on how to blow it up.

Add all of that in with three weeks of no travel, late night Mac & Cheese, early AM coffee walks with the dogs and a few successful greenmarket trips and I would say this summer in the city is off to a pretty good start.

Have you ever visited New York in the summer? It can get a bad reputation of smelling bad, but there are so many redeeming qualities.


  1. I have and although it's hella humid, the city makes up for it!

  2. Mekelburg's is awesome! I was just there recently for brunch after a 5K race. The Mek Muffin is so good and the beer list rocks!


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