June 14, 2017

Some Confessions and Tacos

The hot, smelly weather has arrived. Work has never been busier. I have to fight the pissy mood more than usual. I figured I should probably confess some things and lighten my load.

We ate tacos 4 times last week. We had chickpea tacos, cauliflower tacos, tacos from Habana Outpost and fish tacos from an awesome place in Bed Stuy. Also, we ate cheese quesadillas one night. Not sorry. I'm already planning my next taco meal.

As a proper follow up to the first one, I have gained some weight over the last few weeks. I'm blaming vacation and all the fondue and beer... but also the summer weather that brings patio drinking, all the outdoor food markets and laziness. I showed my face in the gym yesterday for the first time in weeks and we meal planned this week again. As long as I'm aware of the crap I'm eating, I'm able to keep it in check. I've just ignored it all the last few weeks.

I get mad every day when I don't get picked for the Hamilton Lottery. I know the chances are slight, but it always feels like my day.

My desk is extremely messy and out of control right now. It makes me mad every day when I'm looking for things, but I haven't taken the time to sit down and clean it out. I know some people say "messy" and you roll your eyes, but I can't even open the drawer of my IKEA desk without things falling out the back. It's a disaster. Reminder: I work from home so having a messy desk is just escalating my pissy attitude.

We listen to the Moana soundtrack more than two adults should.

I ordered a wine delivery. I always said I wouldn't cave, but after enough flyers in the mail with discount codes, I figured I would restock using one of them. Holy crap. The nice young man showed up at my door 35 minutes later with a bunch of wine and it was cheaper than the wine store (only because of the discount.) Now, I'm tempted to see what other discounts I've been passing up.

My husband has been scolding every person that isn't using the brown composting bins correctly in our neighborhood and I just stand back and giggle.

We spent three hours last night working on a puzzle of our own faces we got for our birthdays, drinking wine and having a full on dance party. Nights like these happen often in our house and I love it.

I have been kind of sucking it up on my Beautycounter business recently. I love sharing things, but I haven't really done any reach out. They do have an amazing new product launching this week, so I'll be sharing that here. If anyone is interested in earning some free and half off products, let me know and we can set you up with a social. We can do a spa night with samples or an easy online event that you can share with anyone. Just email me or comment below. Also, if there's anything you want to try, I'm happy to send out some samples. I'm doing a post office run on Friday, so let me know before then.

We are keeping a secret from the internet and it feels dirty. I'll share soon and no, I'm not pregnant because that seems like the one thing everyone will assume.

I already need another vacation and it's only been three weeks.

Also, a blogger I've followed since the beginning of time shared this post yesterday which inspired me to add funny random photos of tacos and confess things. I miss old blogging. I miss reading random shit people just want to put out into the universe. I'm going to try and do more of it. Plus, a while back, there was a google form on this blog and I have the most awesome list of bloggers that I still haven't shared. It's coming. Go fill it out if you haven't done so already by clicking here because why not? It's free press for you AND you get to pimp out one of your favorite blogs.

Send help in the form of tacos, sangria and vacation days. Also, tell me what you have to confess.


  1. I'm totally intrigued by the chickpea tacos-- is it the shells or the filling?? I can understand how you feel about the lottery-- even when the chances are slim when you get an email it's like you get a flutter of hope anyway! And LOL (but how genius) is that meme about putting a shell under your taco to catch what you drop!

  2. my blog is full of random shit because I have nothing else to write about. It's probably boring AF for many to read but oh well, it's my blog and I do what I want!

    That eating a taco over a tortilla meme made me laugh so hard LOL

  3. You've got me feenin' for tacos now! Also, random posts like these are my favorite.


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