June 29, 2017

Perfect Mornings

I love getting a glimpse into people's normal lives. I think mornings are the most consistent time for most people. My morning routine is pretty locked in - only differing between weekdays and weekends for the most part. This account/hashtag will always be one of my favorite Instagram accounts because I love this glimpse.

Weekday Mornings:

The sun wakes me up in the summer and my alarm wakes me up in the winter. I prefer the sunshine.

This programmable coffee maker helps make life easy. We grind the beans and set up the coffee the night before, so it starts brewing right at 7:00.

There are 2 apps I dive into before starting work. The Skimm is usually first to find out if there's anything big I missed the day before (they have a free weekday newsletter plus an app - click here to sign up.) Next up is the NY Times crossword app to do the daily mini. It's usually less than a minute.

Sometimes I get sucked into all the social media, but some days I'm able to battle it until at least mid morning.

The bathroom routine is fairly simple because I don't go into an office currently. Teeth brushing, weighing myself, contacts in, this magical lotion (which I have an extra bottle of if someone wants to buy it before it is back in stock - let me know) and a spritz of this in my hair.

We trade off walking the dogs in the morning depending on schedules. Quincy is enjoys a longer morning walk so I usually turn on a podcast and enjoy a good stroll. Lola isn't a morning dog and just gets right to business outside. While walking the pups, I listen to either The Daily podcast or Up First from NPR.

Emails for work come next. There are usually a fair amount waiting for me from the night before.

We usually eat after getting catching up on emails in the AM. Weekday breakfast is usually Siggi's yogurt (Coconut is my favorite), a smoothie if there's stuff in the fridge we need to use or possibly a bagel and cream cheese.

Weekend Mornings:

I usually wake up pretty early on weekend mornings. Isn't it crazy how much easier it is to get up early on weekends vs. weekdays?

On Sundays, we grab the NY Times and sort through all the sections and learn weird stuff.

I like taking Quincy for a walk on the weekends. We call it a "choose your own adventure" walk and most of the time, I broadcast them on Instagram stories or Snapchat to entertain myself. I let Quincy pick which direction he'd like to walk. Sometimes, we go in a circle and sometimes, I eventually have to reel him in because I don't want to carry him home.

We use this espresso maker to make our coffee a little fancier since it is the weekend. We make the whole pot and then split it between two giant mugs with almond milk and a drizzle of goat's milk caramel from the Farmer's Market. It's amazing hot or cold.

Eggs are poached and whatever is in our fridge gets added to a sandwich or an omelette - usually it's veggies and cheese. Justin is an expert egg poacher. Maybe I'll get him to share his secret here soon.

While enjoying breakfast and fancy coffees, we either read or we watch "adult cartoons" which is usually just Trevor Noah or John Oliver or funny YouTube videos from the week.

Once all of these things are done, I toy with the idea of working out - sometimes it happens, but most of the time, I plot out our brunch/day drinking plans and take a quick shower.


I hope I'm always a morning person, because there's something so satisfying about having so many of my favorite things done by 10 AM and still realizing that I have a whole day ahead of me.

What's your morning routine? Are you a morning person?


  1. I'm 100% a morning person! I wake at the crack of dawn and start my day with my morning routine and I love it.

  2. Yes please to egg poaching secrets. I am pretty good but always interested in how others do it.

    I am a total morning person on weekends.


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