May 16, 2017

Things I've Given Up Since I Turned 30

It's true, I've been doing this 30 year old thing for almost 2 full years now and that clearly makes me able to speak to the masses about being a 30-something.

Just kidding.

But really, it's my favorite time of life so far. There are definitely less f*cks to give (not enough to not write that word out though because I'll share this with Grandma) and more fun to be had. Also, it's crazy but you get smarter with age. #mymomwasright #mydadtoo

I figured I'd share with you some things that have changed in my life in the last two years. This is the first of a 3 part series I like to call BIRTHDAY WEEK. Embrace it. There's also a giveaway halfway through so just stick with me.

This first edition is the things I have given up since turning 30.

K-Cups  - I have my husband to thank for this because he started drinking coffee with me at home, so we got rid of the Keurig. That thing lasted us for years, but just knowing how much waste was happening with those K-cups. Our Hamilton Beach flex brewer does the trick now. It has a single serve that you can use a K cup or their built in filter for those days you are all by your self. Plus, now we can compost all the grounds and filters and that makes me happy.

Forcing 10,000 steps - Does anyone else have a FitBit? In the beginning, I felt like a failure if I didn't get 10k steps a day, so I would find myself pacing around my apartment like a lunatic at the end of the night. I gave up on that goal. Now I just try to walk the dogs further on nice days and walk instead of taking the subway. I set a goal of walking 1500 miles this year and I'm on track, so I feel pretty good about it. That said, I still love those damn challenges and get insanely competitive.

Coloring my hair
- Oh the money I've saved and the chemicals I've given up. I'm not saying that I would never do it again, but it has been quite liberating to not color my hair.

Hoarding candles and other fun things - I used to have an entire closet dedicated to candles and things I was saving for a "special occasion" and my husband called bullshit. Why wouldn't I burn my favorite candle every day? Because I was sad that once it was gone, it would be gone. Yes, that was my justification. I still do that with books - which is why I still haven't opened Trevor Noah's book. Thankfully, I've stopped doing that for everything but books. The fancy wine glasses have all been used and some broke, but there were no tears shed. Things are meant to be used and enjoyed. I think I can thank Marie Kondo for that push.

Plastic Bags - NYC went backwards on their plastic bag ban. I understand why, but they need to kick it into overdrive to get it dealt with at this point because it's ridiculous that other cities have figured this out. We have used this Flip & Tumble bag and the tote version for years. The space under my sink has thanked me. Was I the only one that just shoved plastic bags under the sink to be used again for something? We have used the final ones we have to pick up garbage in the neighborhood while walking the dogs. At least they have a good final run.

Friends on Facebook - Has anyone else done a big purge of friends on Facebook ever? Man, it feels good. I went through and unfriended all the people that I wouldn't talk to in real life. If I would avoid an awkward conversation in a grocery store, I really don't need to share my vacation photos and thoughts on the last hockey game with you. Although, I definitely see the irony of this with my blog, but let's forget about that for today.

Sugar Drinks from Starbucks - Turns out regular coffee and lattes are amazing without a million pounds of sugar added to them. The only exception I'll make it is my Caramel High Rise from Caribou when I'm back in Minnesota on a cold day. I'll take the sugar high for that one.

Safe Places - For a long time, I was the person that wanted to go to the same place as often as possible because I liked their food or knew the layout. It was comfortable and safe for me. I've learned to appreciate new things all the time now. I think 2015 was big for me because my resolution was to try something new everyday. I wrote a full summary here and just rereading it today, I'm so happy I did that. I never would have enjoyed the cheese tower below...

Bad movies & books - Dumb and Dumber To was the first movie I shut off only 20 minutes in and it was liberating. Since then, we've bailed on Zoolander 2 and countless other shit movies. I have also stopped finishing books when I'm just really not interested. Recently, I have put down Sweetbitter and Modern Lovers and felt pretty good about it.

Those 10 lbs I picked up during my late twenties - Yep, this is a bit of a bragging moment, but since the first of this year, I have gotten back down into the 130's consistently which is a good healthy spot for me. I can thank the sugar detox we did and the things I learned. Also, I've just learned to make better choices.

Having a 5 year plan - I think this is the most freeing. I'm a planner and throughout my twenties, I always had a plan. Then all of a sudden, we were moving to the east coast and things seemed a little scary and also very exciting. That experience taught me to plan a little less and enjoy a lot more. So many things have happened in the last two years that weren't really planned on, but I've learned to embrace it. I can safely say that I have no idea where I'll be living next year at this time and I'm just going with it.

I feel better just rereading through this list. What about you? What have you given up that's made your life better and easier? I love learning things like this. Bring it on!


  1. Love love love this list. And the flip & turn bags. They are awesome and I always have one on me.

  2. Love this post! Happy Birthday Week!! I'm totally right there with you on hoarding things because I don't want them to go away - candles and wine are the two things I hate to use all of. I need to take your attitude when it comes to these things!

    So excited to see what the next year brings for you guys!

  3. i definitely don't care about 10,000 steps. i sit down all day and sometimes i am lucky to get 2 or 3000. which is embarrassing, and bad! so it encourages me to get up and moving, but i am not walking around before bed to get in an extra few hundred or whatever (i absolutely did that when i first got my fitbit though). i had almost 30,000 steps on both weekend days last weekend, i think it evens out! lol.
    i don't have a whole closet dedicated to candles, but i definitely save my favourites. i have been trying to burn a candle each day because it makes my house smell SO good, though there is a little part of me that freaks out that i am 'wasting' it. but seriously, who cares lol.
    we still use plastic bags for kitty litter, but not for anything else really. we are pretty bad about using our reusable bags when shopping, i need to get better about that.
    i did a big facebook purge a couple of years ago and it was so amazing. i did have like 50+ try and add me back (seriously? we haven't talked since we were like 5, why do you want to be my friend? you didn't want to be my actual real life friend back then....)
    i suck at giving up on bad books, but i am pretty good about quitting bad movies or tv shows. i am just now trying to do new things, slowly but surely..
    several years ago, i gave up doing things i didn't want to do, and it's the best thing i've ever done. i don't feel pressured to attend this or that just because someone asked me to. of course, this backfired a bit, because i got so used to saying no and doing what i wanted that i stopped doing new things (see aforementioned trying to do new things now lol).

  4. I absolutely LOVE this post and think you are just pretty freakin' awesome :) I have gotten so good at saying no to things I feel obligated to do. If I don't want to commit to another party planning session or a brunch 45 minutes away, I don't do it. Everyone will go on without me and no one is going to get offended that I occasionally don't attend something.

  5. Happy Birthday Week, and cheers to many more mimosa flights and cheese platters!


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