May 31, 2017

The Alps: Recap of the Senses

I'm back in the good old USA. I can't believe our trip is already over. It was an adventure we had been looking forward to for such a long time and it did not disappoint. I'm going to do a quick post today recapping the senses. I've done this in the past with our North Carolina Road Trip and Costa Rica and I like remembering the little things and being able to quickly transport myself back.

I tasted...

Fondue (twice.) Potatoes. The Prince's wine in Liechtenstein. Strudel. The most amazing breakfasts with fruits we've never even tried before. Flammkuchen. Beer. Energy chews. Swiss chocolates in the shape of the Matterhorn. Some of the best tap water ever. And again, so much cheese and beer.

I heard...

Water rushing down from the mountains. Cowbells. So many words we did not understand. Sympathy from people when they realized we were from the US. Birds chirping. Church bells in the little towns. The lack of loud trucks and noise pollution. Clinking glasses. German covers of popular US songs.

I smelled...

Strong coffee. Sausages. Lilacs all over the place. Snow. Cigarettes. Sheep. Clean air. Fondue - that may seem weird, but it definitely has a smell when you walk by a restaurant that is serving it. Bonfires.

I saw...

The Matterhorn. A castle with a real Prince inside. Vineyards on mountainsides. Colorful buildings. Rivers. Cobblestone streets. Medieval structures. Glaciers. Trains. Mountain sunsets. Fields of green and yellow. Monuments of all kinds. The inside of so many tunnels. Views for days.

I felt...

The spray of river surfers in Munich. Stronger sunshine. Cold rocks on the inside of Klein Matterhorn. Glacial ice. Dizziness of snow tubing at 12,000 feet. Driving fast on the Autobahn. Deep admiration for the tolerant European cities we visited. Welcomed.

This trip was so incredible and I can't wait to show you some pictures. While we had some issues with luggage and connecting flights, we will always look back on this as one of our favorite trips and the perfect way to celebrate birthdays.


  1. YES. I love this. I keep meaning to steal it from you and then not. I'm writing a note to myself for this summer.

  2. I go to the Alps to hike in a month and reading this post just made me so excited!!! It sounds like you had an amazing time!


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