May 11, 2017

My Single Life

Let me let you in on a little secret. The last few weeks have been long in our household. Justin and I have not been in the same state for more than a few days at a time since early March. We both travel for work, but lately, it's been ramped up quite a bit, plus we've had weekend plans on top of it. I'm pretty excited to have my husband home for the next week.

Since my time as a loner is almost over for a while, I figured I'd fill you in on the ways life is a little different when I am flying solo.

  • I take the dogs for walks separately. They go at such different speeds, so I take them by themselves. Except the night time walk because that's usually the shortest. 
  • I eat really different. There don't seem to be meals when I'm by myself, just a ton of snacks. For example, one day this week, I ate a bagel with cream cheese, a carton of raspberries, 2 Babybel cheeses, celery with peanut butter, an egg muffin with peppers, 3 bites of chocolate ice cream (I pace myself with this ice cream, but it's the best). Last week, when I had all those pineapples, I pretty much just ate pineapple and yogurt all week. I snack all day, but hate making full meals for just myself. If I'm really hungry, I'll order a ridiculous amount of Chinese food or take myself to dinner down the street.

  • My grocery shopping trips are incredibly weird. See above note.
  • I schedule happy hours with all the girls I know in the city. Working from home, I could go days without sitting and having a face to face conversation for more than two minutes. Plus, it's a good excuse to actually shower and get dressed. 
  • I watch all the bad TV shows. Also, movies from my childhood. The latest gems included Sixteen Candles, Camp Nowhere and Parent Trap.
  • I work weird hours. This week, there were a few nights that I stayed on my work computer getting things done until almost 8:00. If I don't have anything to do, I might as well get ahead before vacation.
  • I talk to the dogs nonstop. They usually just stare at me with these faces.

Honestly, we both have rhythms when the other is gone for the week. I've learned how to use this time to recharge my batteries and indulge. That said, I'm real excited to see my husband tomorrow and actually be able to put the suitcase away... for a few days.


  1. Secret Single Behaviors :) We don't travel that much for work, but when I am single for a few days, I eat weird too - although I usually still cook, just things I like that he doesnt. And I talk to the dog CONSTANTLY ... ok I actually do anyways.

  2. This could basically be me lol. We rarely see each other most weeks and now weekends since the shore house is open. We're actually going down together this paint. LOL

    I often think about walking the dogs separately at the shore but the ones left behind would have a fit. Mae is super fast, Gus is moderate, and Geege is very slow.

  3. I can't wait until we live in the city and can make happy hours a regular thing! Oh, and Sixteen Candles is one of my all time favorites.


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