May 3, 2017

Love Letters to NYC: Vol. 2

It's been a month since my last love letters post, so I figured I'd come back around for another blast of love for this magical city.

Happy Hours - You have been showing your face lately in so many awesome neighborhoods. Some people may have heard that this is most expensive in the whole universe, but I think that is only true when looking at rent and certain living expenses. If anyone is local and wants some recommendations, let me know. Maybe we can even meet for HH soon? I'm always looking for more partners in crime.

Every street in my neighborhood - You have been filled with flowers for the last few weeks and although my allergies are now making it hard to keep my eyes open, I can't get enough.

Subway characters - I love all you the weirdos on the train. I usually listen to music or podcasts while on the train, but I love making up stories about all the other people on the train with me. You just never really know what you're going to end up with, but there are so many days I look around the train and just smile to myself. Makes me the total creep on the train, but I just don't care.

Andy Karl - You played Rocky on Broadway and it was cheesy and wonderful. Now you are starring in Groundshog Day and it was even better. I loved this movie and I loved this musical. It might be a bit of a long shot for you to get a Tony, but I'm pulling for you.

Milo, the neighbor cat - You scared the hell out of me last week when you appeared on my balcony. After some investigation, I realized that you just got locked out of next door and you were scared. You came in and waited until your owners got home and my dogs loved you. It's almost strange how much they loved you. Even though I still haven't spoken to the human neighbors (except text messages letting them know you were OK), I feel like you and I are going to be friends.

Adult Scooters - I can't get enough. We had our most recent celebrity spotting and it was Jason Sudeikis riding an adult scooter. I'm not talking about a Vespa, I'm talking about the razor scooters that every kid in NYC owns. Justin passed by him and they exchanged a nod and I was back thinking about whether or not I could cruise around the neighborhood.

And one final picture of our neighborhood. Because it's spring and it's wonderful.


  1. Your neighbor cat looks like the epitome of a New Yorker, and I find that hilarious. I feel you on those allergies - under my sunglasses it's just a mess of tears, red eyes, and smudged eyeliner! It looked cute when I left the house!!

    Grrrrrrl you need to come up to GPT and try El Born's happy hour up here. Sangria and tapas and it's SO F'CKIN AFFORDABLE - I got wrecked & stuffed my face one night for $20 and then had a magical drunk wandering of our local Rite Aid with lives in a 1920s movie theatre. It's incredible.

  2. Your neighborhood is killing it in the spring department.

    Poor Milo! I'm glad he had you guys for refuge.

  3. Yes for the happy hours! I'd love some good recommendations :) So many "interesting" people on the subway, that's for sure. Sometimes I can't help but try to sneak a peak at them without them noticing lol.


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