May 1, 2017


Birthday month has arrived. May is one of my favorites. The weather has gotten so nice and there's a nice vacation waiting for us at the end of the month. Things have been nuts here, but that will just make us enjoy some adventure time even more. Since it's the first of the month, here's the usual round of random things happening right now.

Wearing new Toms. I got these colorful ones and I love them. They are so comfortable.

Enjoying our balcony. It's so nice to have a tiny bit of outdoor space. We drink coffee out there in the mornings, I read out there after work, it's been wonderful.

Missing my husband. There has been so much travel for work lately and it is really hard to be apart this much. We have only had one week together in the last few months and it stinks.

Eating well during the week and out of control on the weekends. It's working pretty good for me. The fact that the farmer's markets are picking up steam again makes me so happy. Also, so much Pineapple. If you missed my post last week, I ended up with 4 Pineapples in my Amazon Fresh order accidentally and I'm determined to not let them go to waste.

Watching Girlboss on Netflix. Everyone seems to hate it, but I find it entertaining and I'm going to keep watching it. I'm confused why everyone hates the main character so bad. Did they read #GirlBoss? It's pretty much exactly what I expected.

Listening to this song. It's so very spring to me.

Thinking about Mother's Day. We can't be back in Minnesota to celebrate, so I'm trying to figure out what we can do to make the mamas feel special. Beautycounter just announced this set for Mother's Day and I kind of love it/

What's new with you?


  1. I have those same space dye Toms but in the Avalon style.

    MFD and I spend more time apart than we spend together, I'm so used to it that it never occurs to me that for most people it's the opposite.


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