April 13, 2017

The Votes are In

It's been a while since I shared exciting Beautycounter information, but I couldn't pass on sharing this month's awesome deal. They are running an awesome promo for the rest of the month that I wanted to share with you. They have rounded up the customer favorites and if you decide to purchase one of them, you will get a free travel size product. Everyone loves a little incentive, plus you'll be trying safe products from an awesome company.

Here are the customer favorites:

1. Cleansing Balm - $80 - I've written about this stuff when I shared some of my favorites in Feb. This is a cleanser and also a moisturizer. Lots of people will actually sleep with this on for a deep hydration. It has Vitamin C in it which is amazing. It's a great makeup remover and will make your skin feel so good. The jar will last a few months. We're still working our way through our first jar almost 6 months later with both of us using it a few times a week. 

2. Charcoal Cleansing Bar - $24 - This is definitely the product I hear more people raving about than anything else. I'm a big fan of the charcoal mask as well. Coconut oil and green tea help detox your skin without drying it out. 

3. Protect All Over Sunscreen - $32 - It's that time of year again. The sun is out and you must protect yourself. I have tried lots of safe ingredient sunscreens, but many of them are hard to rub in or have a chalky feel. This one goes on smooth, keeps your skin hydrated and has 30 SPF - plus it doesn't have all the horrible chemicals that lots of other sunscreen has.

4. Tint Skin Foundation - $41 - There are 8 different shades of this foundation available and the reviews are amazing. I haven't used this product because I'm stuck on this Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer that comes with SPF protection.

5. Sheer Lipstick - $30 - I have never been a lipstick person, but I'm always game to try something. I got a really neutral color of this and I love it. I'm going to get a little crazy with my next color choice and either try the Plum or the Scarlet. 

6. Face Oils - $68/each - There are 3 different kinds that are outlined below. They are all part of the new Beautycounter+ line. There is a Brightening Oil #1a Plumping Oil #2 and a Balancing Oil #3 available. I heard never used face oils before being introduced to Beautycounter and I don't think I could ever go back now. I usually add a few drops into my moisturizer in the AM and then apply in the evening at the end of my routine. They are such a small luxury - can't get enough.

By purchasing any of these items, you will be able to add a free travel size luxury item to your cart. The options for the add on are the Body Butter, the Sugar Body Scrub (another one of my favorites) and the Nourishing Night Cream

On top of all that goodness, if you sign up to be a Band of Beauty member, you get free shipping on orders over $100, 15% product credit on all purchases and a free gift (this month, the gift is this lip conditioner.)

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Last, but not least, anyone that wants to host an online social via Facebook before the end of May will receive a free gift from me (you'll get to pick.) The rewards for a host are pretty awesome - free products and 1/2 off products. Comment below or email me steph.gregerson@gmail.com if you're interested. And if you aren't subscribed to the monthly newsletter yet, do it.

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  1. i bought one of the sheer lippies (rose) and i like the colour - it's a slightly brighter hue than my normal lip colour so it looks really natural.

  2. I placed an order yesterday!

    MFD used my charcoal bar as body soap without realizing it was $24. LOL

  3. i finally tried the samples you sent me and holy moly that mask is amazing! i am definitely purchasing that in the future. i am curious about the charcoal bar, i used it at the same time as the mask but misplaced the rest of the sample so i think i just need to buy a full size one to really see how it works. once the house costs go down of course. womp womp.

  4. These look like great products! I'm just starting to learn more about taking better care of my skin.


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