April 28, 2017

Sunshine + Government Shutdowns + Help Needed

It's Friday. The sun has shown it's face. I'm annoyed at our government. You know. Normal stuff. I figured today would be a good brain dump.

Our friend, Emma, is coming for the weekend from Minnesota. It has snowed there this week, so I think she's in for a treat with our weekend forecast. We are going to see a show on Broadway and planning on eating our way through Brooklyn and spending as much time outside as possible. 

We have spent at least one night a week combing the internet for posts on Southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It's easy to forget how much fun planning a vacation can be. We have missed some epic spots in the past when we haven't done much research ahead of time and since we are only going for 7 days, we want to make sure we have some "must-do's" to make the best of our time there. If you have any favorites in the area or any posts you've read/written, please leave them in the comments so we can check them out.

Playoff hockey is running my life and I'm not mad about it. This is almost as intense as our fantasy football league. Speaking of football, AP is officially no longer a Viking. I'm not sure if I care at this point. There was too much drama. Those of you watching the draft - I'm impressed by your commitment, but I am not a college football fan and the Rangers are on. Sorry.

The buy a favorite and get a free gift sale is done at noon today. If you are interested, take advantage. You can buy a Charcoal Bar for $24 and get a free full-size Mascara ($29 value). Not a bad deal. Click here for more info.

My Amazon Fresh delivery included 4 pineapples that I didn't order. They told me to keep them. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them to not waste them. Please send help. I might drop a few off to neighbors. I hate wasting food.

Happy Friday friends! Let's hope the government figures out how to function, the climate change march pisses us our president, the sun is out all weekend, a bunch of you send me awesome Europe recommendations and that I walk off all the food I will be eating this weekend. Cheers!


  1. This MFing government.

    You can freeze pineapple.

  2. Your Europe trip sounds like it will be awesome! I've only been to Austria out of those places, if you're going to Vienna I recommend the museums and art galleries. Albertina was great! Dang, sounds like you got lucky with that Amazon Fresh delivery! I can't wait till I get some extra pineapples in my bag :)


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